Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 4

Chapter 4

Hi guys, here is another chapter.

This is what happened so far: Gauri is leaving but Omkara does not want her to leave. Dadi and Shivaye stopped her but Dadi has dropped a big bomb. What is that surprise bomb?

O: What do you mean Dadi? Ever since the incident in Bareilly, she has been in my room all this time so that is where she is staying.

Gauri stares at him. (Thinking) Our marriage is an incident to you. Fine, Omkaraji. Meeting you was an incident. Rescuing your life were incidents. I should not have saved you. Instead, I should have let you struggled just so you can see the value of life. Then, you will understand what I did for you.

D: I do not care about that. You were man and wife at that time so it made sense for both of you to stay in the same room. Now you are applying for a divorce so it is only fair that Gauri stays in my room.

G: Really? (With an excited look) Dadi, I would love to stay with you. Finally, I get to sleep on a bed. I am so tired of that green recliner. I have gotten a back pain because of that.

Dadi, Shivaye and Om did not expect that answer. There were extremely surprised.

Dadi (Thinking): How can this girl leave her husband like that and stay with me? I thought she will say no but I never thought she will come to my room. My plan just backfired on me.

O (Thinking, looking at Gauri with a “Are you stupid” look ): Gauri, seriously? Why are you blowing up this issue? This is our problem and we should try not to involve our families into this? If you have wanted a bed, I would have put another one in the room. I am not a stingy person, you know.

G: Do you know, Dadi, Omkaraji always snores? It is so annoying. I sometimes feel like, stuffing his mouth with clothes just so I can sleep.

O: Snore, me? She snores. I even have a video of her rolling off the recliner and still snoring out loud during the night. The funny part was that she kept on rolling across the floor and knocked down my canvass. She broke two of my statues and still did not wake up after all that commotion.

G: Omkaraji, stop lying. I never woke up on the floor. Just because you are embarrassed to accept the truth, this does not mean you makes things up.

O: Shut up Gauri. I had to lift you back up on the recliner and use pillows to prevent you from falling. I am not a liar like you are and do not break other people’s trust. Do you want to see the video? I always have evidence to prove my point.

Omkara realize what he said and truly regrets it. (Thinking) Am I that dumb? I mean, every single time, I come back to the same point, Gauri is a liar. Is she a liar? I need time to think about this.

Gauri starts to cry again but she wipes her tears. She realizes that she does not have the strength to counter his attacks. It is better to accept it as she knows there is no way she will win at this point. But, she cannot show her weakness to anyone. Once your foe finds about it, they will constantly attack you until you surrender.

S: Right now, the question is not whether Gauri is a liar or not? This family trusts her and that is all we need. Om, go to your room and Gauri, you can put your bags in Dadi’s room.

G: Sorry to interrupt you, Bade Bhaiyya. Everyone except Om, trusts me. He is so scared that I am going to run off with your jewelry and money. Once I leave, just change all the passwords and locks. That way, if anything goes missing, Om does not come to me and harass me in front of everyone.

Omkara looks at her while Gauri looks down to avoid eye contact. As both of them walks towards their respective rooms, Shivaye and Dadi hi-fi each other.

S: Dadi, that was an awesome entrance. I need to tell the others what happened. Annika will understand where my tadi came from after she listens to this story. Someone needs to play cupid for this couple just to ignite their love. Man, there are more stubborn than Annika and me.

Just as they finish their conversation and laugh at the thought of Dadi being cupid, they hear loud crash and Annika’ s voice.

A: Shivaye! Dadi! Please come here quickly. Gauri fainted! Gauri, please get up! What happened to you?

Precap: Gauri is lying on the bed with her eyes closed and the doctor is checking her. Omkara is also hurt with a bruise on his head and a cast on his leg.

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