Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 20

Shivaye’s car arrives at the location. They park and look around to see if the other car is here but they cannot find it.

S: (Takes out his phone) They probably are not here yet so I will text them and let them know we are here. I do not want her to do anything stupid.

They go inside and a waiter comes to them.

W: Are you guys, the Oberoi brothers?

They did not know what the hell was going on. The waiter takes them to the table and they see their leading ladies sitting on a table laughing at faces. Their jaws dropped.
A,B,G: Dil Bole Oberoi!! (They start laughing)

A: Told you, Shivaye. You just used your GPS and followed that. But, the GPS does not know what the fastest way to get here considering the traffic. We were here 20 minutes ago. The waiters asked us several times to place an order but we had to tell them that we are waiting for the Oberoi brothers.

R: Where is the car?

G: (She pointed behind) We parked it on the road. The main road is filled with cars so it will be harder to get in. That is why we parked there and walked to the shop. Sit down and let’s order.

Gauri asks every single person for their order except Om. When it was Om’s turn she just gets up and walks toward the counter.

O (Surprised): Why did not she ask me? Is she that mad for asking an extension? I was doing her a favour and she took it in the wrong way.

Om gets up and walk towards Gauri and everyone starts giggling.

R: I just hope they do not start fighting again. I bet 100 rupees that they will.

S: I told Om not to fight with Gauri so he will never argue with her. (They also put 100 rupees on the table to see who will win the wager and turn to see what is going on with Om and Gauri)

Om stands beside Gauri and Gauri looks at him.

O: Are you mad at me? I just wanted you to concentrate on your studies. If the media finds about our divorce hearing, then they will not let you complete your education. They will harass you until they get an answer or start publishing ridiculous rumours.

Gauri still does not respond and just looks toward the front. Om puts his hands on her shoulder and makes her face him.

G: Take your hands off me. People are looking at me (Om takes her hands off her). I do not care how long I stay at your house because one day, I will leave. I just thought it will be a little earlier, that is all. You probably wanted something from me and just used my education as an excuse. Whatever it is, I will not do it.

O (Thinking): She misunderstood me again. Great! Now I have to deal with this again but this is not the right time. I need to change the topic.

O: Why did you not ask for my order? I wanted ice cream.

G: Ice cream? (She starts laughing) You do not like sweet things so why are you asking for it now? Do not use this as an excuse to talk to me?

O: Do you think you are some Jhansi Rani? I am not dying for your attention. I just want ice cream. Order the mint ice cream for me. That is my favourite one. (He gives her the money.) Use this to pay for the ice cream. You are in line for the ice cream but it does not mean you do not need to pay for my family. (He walks away)

G (Thinking): Gauri, you never learn from your lesson right. If you would have just answered his question, then he would not have slapped across the face with his money. My favourite ice cream is also mint but I am not going to order the same thing as him. Then, he will make that into an issue as well and everyone else will make fun of us.

Om returns to the table and Rudra, asks, “Another fight?” Omkara asks Rudra to shut up and Rudra collects the money on the table with a huge grin.

R: Om, keep on fighting with Gauri so I can do this everyday and I do not need to go to work.

O: You guys are gambling on our fights. Do you really think I am happy to fight with her? She starts it and then it just explodes into a show down.

Gauri returns to the table with the tray and gives the ice cream to each person except Om. Instead, she gives her the tray so she can avoid his contact.

G: (Sarcastically) Here is your mint ice cream, Om. I hope you enjoy it.

B: Gauri, I thought you like mint ice cream. You were talking about it in the car and how you wanted to order it at the shop.

G: People change, Bhavya (and glares at Om)

O(Thinking): She is so stubborn. She did not order her favourite ice cream just because I ordered. I need to show her place. (Takes a small scoop of ice cream and tries) Eww!! How do people eat this sweet stuff? I cannot put this down or Gauri will just keep on glaring at me for fighting with her and not letting her eat her favourite ice cream.

O: This is so good! Gauri, you missed out and ordered something else. If you want, I can order it for you.

Gauri just ignores him and eats her ice cream. Then, she hears her name and turns around.

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