Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 19

They are in the cars that they usually come in. Both the couples look happier than they went to court. The couples knew that their plan worked but never expected Om to ask for more time. Before the hearing started, Shivaye personally talked to the judge and told them the entire Rikara story. He only asked for 6-month extension but 1.5 years was even better.

In the girl’s car

A: Bhavya, how is Rudra with you now? Does he still argue with me for no reason?

B: He still does though but it is for smaller things. Yesterday, he would not give the dumbbells to work out with. He was hogging it the entire time and said that he was focusing on his biceps. He just was trying to annoy but that was not going to stop me. I took rice bags and started using them to work out my arms.

A: Shivaye finds small ways to annoy me as well. He loves to make fun of my cooking skills. He has been cooking different tyeps of cuisine ever since he is a little kid but I was never like that. I just cooked chappati every day for Sahil and we were both happy with it.

G: No wonder they are all brothers. I think all husbands are like that. They find happiness when they torture their wifes.

A: That is not true, Gauri. These small arguments build trust within a couple. Every single time a couple reconciles, it ignites their love for one another.

G: In our case, it increase our hate for one another. If only that was the case for us.

Annika and Bhavya turns their heads and look at each other. Was that a love confession? Both of them smile at each other, wondering how to facilitate the next part of their plan, when Rudra video calls them.

R: Today is my cheat day and I want ice cream. Can we go to Hokey Pokey? I am craving for their Oreo icecream.

B: Everyday is a cheat day for you. Learn to control your cravings, Rudra.

R: We are out together so let’s have some fun.

G: Hokey Pokey? What is that?

S: It is an outside dessert bar. If you have not been to it, we can definitely go today. We just have to drop Om off and then we can go.

O: I do not eat sweet stuff but I will still come. I heard they have some great garden and it is a very scenic location so I am just going to draw while you guys eat.

R: Oh, Annika. Shivaye told me you are a slow driver, is that true?
A: Me? A slow driver? I only drive slow because Shivaye gets scared whenever I drive. He always lectures me about driving responsible and boring me to death. I will show Shivaye what I can do. We challenge you guys to a race. What do I get if I win?

S: You mean what do I get if I win? The losing team have to do whatever the winning team asks them to do. Deal?

A: Deal?

They end the call and the race begins.

In the girl’s car

A (She takes her sunglasses from the dashboard and wears it): I know all the nooks and crooks in this city. They will lose.

G: They needs to lose.

A,G,B: Go Girl Power!

In the guy’s car

R: Shivaye, we have to win. I do not want to lose to Bhavya. Om, why are you coming with us?

O: I need to find out what Gauri feels about the extension. She agreed to me and that is not her.

S: Guys, right now. Let’s focus on this race. Om, once you get there, do not rub it in Gauri’s face that we lost. Just to talk her normally and find out her condition.

S, O,R: Dil Bole Oberoi!!

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