Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 123 and 124


G: Practice this and I will be back.

She takes Om to her office and Om is surprised by its look. It is filled with all his works and he did not expect it.

G (Realizing how surprised he was and still mad): I had a few pieces that I did not destroy yet so I decided to put it up here.

O: I can see that. Why did you not destroy it?

G: Because, I did not. (Thinking) Because they remind me of you and I will never break anything that you treasure so much. (Says) So why are you here?

O(Passing the lunch bag): I brought lunch for you. Rudra told me you did not eat so I felt bad and made you biryani.

G: You made an indian dish? Really?

O: I actually did. I used a recipe though but I think it turned out pretty good. But there is something I need to tell you regarding your business.

Gauri stops unpacking everything and it looks at him.

O: Why are you screaming at that model when you can do it yourself?

G: What? Me? Are You crazy? I am a married woman and me modelling like that. God, never.

O: So what if you are married? Did god tie your legs and said you cannot do this. You are the face of this company and I think it will sell well if you do it instead of some model who seems uninterested in the project.

G: But, people will disgrace me for doing such things.

O: I am your husband and I am giving you permission to do so. After that, it is all up to you.

Gauri smiles and divides up the food so Om can eat as well.

G: I know you did not eat so let’s share.

O: Fine, but you have to eat it first. I want to see your face when you try it out.

Gauri takes a spoonful and she puts it in her mouth. Immediately, she spits it out and starts waving her mouth.

G: Om, are you trying to kill me? Did you even taste this?

He quickly grabs the water and passes it to her. Still, she can feel the heat. Om takes a small bite as well.

O: It is slightly spicy.

G: Slightly? Om, thank you for the cooking. I will just take this (shows him the apple). I need to carry on with the project. See you later.

Gauri leaves the room and with disappointment, Om leaves the room. He returns home and sees Rudra.

O(Thinking): Oh god, he is going to make fun of me.

R: So, how did it go? Was she happy?

O: It was fine. (Om walking away)

R: I knew it. You botched it up. Can you tell me what you did so I do not make the same mistake with Bhavye.

O(Looking at him angrily): I made her biryani and added too much spice to it. She started to cry after taking a spoonful.

R: Was it that bad? (Om passes the food and Rudra tries it.) WHAT THE HELL!! (He runs to the kitchen and starts eating some bread.) Did you not taste this?

O: I wanted her to try it out first so I did not.

R: I know you usually say this to me, but you are such a duffer, Om.

O: I have another plan.


Gauri comes home and the lights of the room are off.

G(Thinking): Looks like Om went to his studio. Good, after what he did tonight and today at the office, it is better than I do not see him.

She turns on the lights and her mouth drops. Om was standing there and in front of him is a Gol Gappa stand.

O: Gauri, do you want some Gol Gappas, madam?

Gauri starts to laugh. Om throws a Gol Gappa in the air (Flashback to Gauri throwing one in the air) and it lands on his face. (Gauri laughs) He tries it again and the same thing happen.

G: Om, you are doing it wrong. You throw it like this. Let me show you. (Om prepares one for her and she throws it. It lands perfectly in her mouth. Om just looks at her and smiles.)

Gauri and Om both throw it in the air and it perfectly lands in their mouth. They both start laughing and they start eating more Gol Gappas.

O: Gauri, I am sorry. I should not have expressed my work tension on you. This lady was just driving me crazy.

G: What happened?

O: She orders a painting and when she comes to pick it up, she says it is not what she expects. She started throwing a tantrum and I told her to stop. Then she said, “I control my husband with these palms. That is how I treat men and I expect you to act the same way as well.” Then she threw the cheque in my face. I ripped up the cheque and she said that she will destroy my career.

G: How dare she says that to my husband? No one should not control anyone. If you do mind me asking, what is her name?

O: Tisha Irani. Please do not hurt or kill her.

G: Om… I would never do that. (Thinking) But I do have plans for her.

The next night, Om comes home happy.

O: That lady came back to my office and begged me to give the artwork and offered double the amount. I told her to keep the money and donate it to the orphanage.

Gauri starts to smile.

O: I know you did something. Tell me what you did. You were smiling yesterday and she said that she got inspired by her business partner.

G: Fine, I will tell you but I did not threaten her. She is my business partner so I invited her to my office. Apparently, she is an art fanatic. So, we started to talking about art and then she started talking about the art in my office. I said that it was you and she was extremely happy with it. She never knew that you were my husband and I wanted her to accept your wholeheartedly.

Om hugs Gauri.

O: I love you, Gauri. I am so sorry for this hurting you but you in the end, try to solve my problem.

G: Om, also one more thing, based on your advice, I have decided to model for the ad. But, I wanted to show you the ad first. (She opens up her laptop and shows the advertisement.)

O: Gauri, it looks pretty good but I feel in love with something else. (He shows the video and pictures he took at her office.) This is true personality, soft yet bold. Just the way I like you.

They turned off the lights and went to bed. They were both awake the entire night, fulfilling each other passion for one another.

Shivika, Rikara and Rumya decided that all three of them should take a day off from their work and go somewhere. Each couple has decided on a location but the question was which one to choose from.

Shivika: We want to go to the amusement park.

A: There is a new drop tower where it goes so high and then drop really quickly. They have also built a new rollercoaster that has two 85 degree drops and several loops.

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