Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 121 and 122


Om returns back to his room and sees Gauri sleeping on the floor with a bed sheet. She was shivering and Om remembers all the stuff that he said to her.

O: What have I said to her? I just expressed all my work tension to her and with her asking questions, I called her a controlling wife. She was asking about my welfare.

Om lifts her up and Gauri wakes up in his arms.

G: Let me down.

O: You were sleeping so I did not want to wake you up. Gauri, sleep on the bed.

G: Do not tell me what to do.

She wiggles in his arms and Om accidentally drops her on the floor. Gauri lands on her back and she just lies on the floor with her eyes wide open for a few second.

O: Gauri( Bends down on his knees and puts his hand on the back of her head)

G: I do not need your support

She gets up and starts to limp. She was about to fall but Om holds her hand. She pulls her hand away from her hand and goes to the recliner.

O: Why are you going there? Come sleep on the bed.

G: I have already answered the question. Good night!

Om and Gauri are on their respective place. Om is facing Gauri and Gauri is facing him. Om makes a sorry face but Gauri turns around and goes to sleep.

The next morning, Om wakes up but Gauri was not there. He goes downstairs to look for her and instead sees Rudra playing with his kids.

R: So how was your day?

O: Uhh… good.

R: Really? That is good.

O: Rudra, what do you want?

R: Why did you fight with Gauri? She was so mad.

O: We were that loud last night?

R: What you fought last night? What kinda of husband are you? You are the one that suppose to come down from your throne and apologize. She did not even eat breakfast or take lunch and walked out mad.

O(Thinking): She did not eat. Gauri will late tonight and she does not like to buy food. I need to take it to her. No, I am going to make it and take it. That way, she will forgive me.

Om walks to the kitchen.

R: Whatever you did, just do not screw up. (Thinking) I know Om that you are going to screw up. You should learn from your lesson. This applies to everyone. Just say sorry to your wife and she will keep you happy for your entire life.

Om was in the kitchen, boiling pasta, as that was his to go dish.

O(Thinking): I should make something that she likes. So Indian dish. So what can I make? Biryani… I never made it before and Shivaye is not here. Oh, well. Here goes nothing.

Om starts to cook and ends up making biryani. It looks pretty good and he was extremely happy with his cooking. He also packs a few fruits for her and heads to her office.

O (in his car): So today is Wednesday, so she will be at her cloth designing office. I am going to surprise her tonight.

Om walks into the office but it stopped by the receptionist (E). He does not know it was Omkara Singh Oberoi, her husband, and he was not dressed like it.

E: Excuse me, you cannot barge in like this. Who are you meeting today and do you have an appointment.

O: I am going to meet Kesha madam today (he called her madam just so it does not seem like he was a chauvinistic husband and wanted to respect his wife) and I do not need an appointment.

E: Madam is very strict about appointments and what is in the bag?

O: Food, I cooked it for her and brought it her.

E: Oh, so you are the cook at the Oberoi Mansion. Stop showing so much attitude and plus give it to me and I will give it to madam.

O: No, I need to give to her. She has not eaten anything yet and I need to see her eating.

E: Why are you acting like her husband?


O(Frustrated but calm): Because, I am her husband.

E: What?? You are….

O: Omkara Singh Oberoi. Can you let me in please?

E: Sir, I am so sorry. I never knew it was you. Please forgive me. I just have one question. Why are you dressed like this?

Om looks at him.

O: Are you going let me in or should I call Kesha madam?

E: No sir, she will throw at tantrum. Please do not tell her. (Om walks in and the receptionist follows him.) Please do not tell her that I said that she will throw at tantrum. She will definitely sack me.

Om smiles and agrees. The atmosphere in the office was very serious as if they were working very hard and scared that Gauri will barge in and be on top of them.

O(Thinking): She is a princess at home but here she seems like a tigress. Everyone is so scared of her.

Om asks an employee where Gauri is and he tells him that she is in a studio.

He walks in the studio and there were a lot of people in the studio.

O(Thinking): It looks like they are shooting for ad.

He can hear girl screaming in the background and it sounded like Gauri’s voice.

G: You are doing this wrong. Walk like you own the entire place, just like a queen would. Keep your chin up and then sit here gracefully.

Gauri’s back is facing so she still do not see him. The model tries again and she fails again.

G: I am so tired of explaining to you. You know what let me show you how it is done.

Gauri does exactly what she explained and all eyes were on her, especially Om’s.

O(Thinking): Usually, models are extremely tall but for her height, she sure knows how to walk.

Then she sits on the stool, the fan blowing strands of hair in her face and confidentially looks at the camera.

O(Thinking): God, I just want to run up and kiss her so badly.

Gauri, sitting at the front, sees a light flashing in the back.

G: Hey, who is there? Who is taking a picture of me? I said that there are no phones allowed in here.

Gauri walks up and sees Om with his phone in his hand. She turns to the model.


O: I can see that. Why did you not destroy it?

G: Because, I did not. (Thinking) Because they remind me of you and I will never break anything that you treasure so much. (Says) So why are you here?

O(Passing the lunch bag): I brought lunch for you. Rudra told me you did not eat so I felt bad and made you biryani.

G: You made an indian dish? Really?

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