Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 119 and 120


Gauri decided to come earlier from work just to spend more time with Om.

G: Om, I am home early. Can we go out for dinner? It has been a long time since we have gone out.

O: Sure, I call you back later.

Gauri was extremely excited.

G: Where should I make a reservation? I want everything to be perfect as it is our first date after marriage.

She first decides to call an Indian restaurant. But,then she realizes that her husband would prefer an Italian restaurant and makes a reservation at one of the top restaurants. It was very hard to get a private dinner but using her contacts she did. She made sure that the restaurant had Om’s favourite dish before placing the restaurant.

Then she goes through her closet and picks out a her favourite pink dress that she wears on special occasion. But, then she remembers that Om likes it when she wears black and blue so she takes a saree in that colour. Now she needed to find a dress for Om and she finds a blue blazer with black pants to match her saree. She wears a diamond necklace that Om gifted her and sat on the bed waiting for him.

It was 11:30 p.m. and Om was still not here. She did not really care about the restaurant but she was just worried about Om. She calls him but he does not pick up. She calls him another four times and still no response. The next time she called, Om picks up.


G: But, you said that you will come early and take me on a date? I was just…

O: is that why you called me? For stupid date? God LEAVE ME ALONE. Stop trying to be controlling wife.

Om hangs up and she starts to cry. She rips of her necklace and a few diamonds fall on the floor. She throws it on the cabinet and sits on the couch, crying.

An hour later, Om comes up angrily. He opens the door and sees Gauri all dressed up but her makeup smudged from crying. He throws his art bag on the bed and walks into the washroom.

G(Thinking): He did not even come and talk to me. But, something bothered him today and I think I need to calm him down. This stress is not good for his health.

He walks out and goes to the mirror. Gauri comes from behind and walks him.


G: How was your day, baby?

O: Gauri, I am not in the mood.

G: (She comes in front of him and puts her arms around) What is wrong?

O: What is wrong with you? I said I am not in the mood to be intimate with you. (Gauri takes her hands off and steps back)

G: You were feeling bad so I thought I can calm you down.

O: Stop lying. I know what your intentions are.

Gauri was shocked.

G(Thinking): Our relationship is not about s*x. It is beyond that and you should know that by now.

He sees the broken necklace on the cabinet. He goes up to her, and pulls her up with a tighten grip.

O(Showing the necklace): Are you crazy? Why did you break this?

G: I was mad and I was thinking about something. I did not realize that I broke it.

O: Do you know how many shops I went just to find this? But, you treat this just as a diamond necklace. Just because, you have the money does not mean you waste it like this.

G: Why are you bringing my business into this?

O: God, I hate these type of controlling woman. They expect you to be some sort of puppet and suck all the freedom out of your life. I never thought you will be like this. This is why I did not want to get married in the first place.

He heads outside.

Gauri just drops on the floor, cries.

G: What did I do wrong? Did he just marry me for lust? Now that that phase is over, he started to show his character again?

Om returns back to his room and sees Gauri sleeping on the floor with a bed sheet. She was shivering and Om remembers all the stuff that he said to her.

O: What have I said to her? I just expressed all my work tension to her and with her asking questions, I called her a controlling wife. She was asking about my welfare.

Om lifts her up and Gauri wakes up in his arms.

G: Let me down.

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