Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 118

Gauri was on the laptop and Om was painting something.

G(Talking on the phone): What did you send me? I asked you to send me the statements and you only sent me the partial one. Also, the proposal have so many grammar mistakes. Did you proofread this. (A minute of silence, as the other person is talking) Do not yes madam me. I need results!! (She hangs up.)

Om has just finished his painting and cleaned himself up. He walks towards him and puts his arms on her shoulders and leans forward.

O: You are such a demanding woman. God, I feel sorry for your workers. (Thinking) If only she was this demanding with me in bed. We have not even consummated our marriage yet,

G: That is my job so I have to do what is necessary. So do you have any plans?

O: No, I just finished my painting and thought we can go out somewhere. Let me show you it.

It was a painting of a butterfly coming out its cocoon and another butterfly waiting for it.

G: Wow, this is so pretty and meaningful. The cocoon represents the problems an individual face and the other butterfly is there for support.

O: This butterfly is you. Indirectly, you supported me and solved all my problems.

G (Gauri gets up) : Why do you always connect all your paintings to me?

O (Cupping her face): That is because you are my inspiration. You are the reason why I am living.

Gauri and Om leans to kiss one another and they hear someone screaming her name. It was Shivaye. They run to his room.

S: Can you do me a favour?

G: Yh tell me what you need.

S: Annika is not feeling well and I have a meeting in Australia. Can you fly there and attend it?

G: But… how can I attend it? I do not have any shares and no managerial rights.

S: Who said that? Gauri, the Oberoi empire needs your skills so I made you a limited shareholder. This way you can still focus on your business and owns Oberoi shares. You are part of this family. After all, you are my sister so it is fair to give you your share as well.

G: I do not want the property but I will still do it for you and Annika.

Gauri hugs Shivaye.

G: So when will I come back?

S: In two days.

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  1. Dinu

    oh god! Dis shivay is getting on my nerves. Nw my om will be all alone 4 2 days.urgh!

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