Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 114

O: I can help you. (Om takes her hands and start to massage her neck and he could sense that she is feeling very uncomfortable and shy.)

O(Thinking): I cannot touch her like this until she feels comfortable. This is just wrong.

O: Hey, I have an idea. (He opens the drawer and takes out a massage vibrator. He turns it on and puts it on her neck.)

G: That feels so much better. (She takes the machine and starts to massage her entire neck.) I can move my neck a little bit.

Gauri turns her body around and sees a cart with a bowl and spoon. She opened the lid and it was soup.

O: You did not eat anything and you could not swallow anything so I made you soup. I chilled it so that way, you can drink it and you do not need to hurt yourself.

Gauri can feel her stomach grumbling and she quickly takes the bowl and spoon and attempts to drink it. But, she had to bend down her head so she does not get it on herself.

Om (Pointing the spoom): May I?

Gauri gives him the spoon and he feeds her.

G: I am so lucky.

O: Why because you were able to satisfy your hunger.

G: That too, but I got a husband who can cook so well. I do not need to worry about cooking anymore.

O: You live in the Oberoi mansion where the men take over the kitchen. To tell you the truth, I do not believe in segregation between genders when it comes to chores. This is our house so we need to complete the chores together. Let me know if you need anything else.

Gauri just looks at him.

G(Thinking): Such a selfless man. If only, I had seen this side of him earlier, then we would have been started our life a long time ago.

She hugs him and then both of them decide to sleep, holding each other hands as they did before.

Gauri was on the laptop and Om was painting something.

G(Talking on the phone): What did you send me? I asked you to send me the statements and you only sent me the partial one. Also, the proposal have so many grammar mistakes. Did you proofread this. (A minute of silence, as the other person is talking) Do not yes madam me. I need results!! (She hangs up.)…

He walks towards him and puts his arms on her shoulders and leans forward.

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