Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 113

The next morning they all wake up except for Omkara and Gauri. Their pose was so cute and no one wanted to break it. Annika took a picture using Gauri’s phone and saved it as a her home screen.

A: Let them sleep.

Everyone walks away and continue with their chores.

Gauri wakes up first but then sees Om’s head on top of her, so even though she is awake, she stays in that position.

Shivaye walks by him and turns his head horizontally, confused why Gauri is still like that.

S: If you stay in that position, then your neck is going to cramp.

G(Whispering): He is sleeping so how can I wake him up? I did not see him sleep like this for a long time so let him enjoy it.

S: Oh Gauri. My brother is so lucky to have you as his wife.

Gauri smiles and Gauri stays in that position for a good 30 minutes. Om slowly opens his eyes and can see Gauri under his head smiling. He immediately gets up and places his hand on her cheek.

G: At last, you are awake.

O: Why did you not wake me up? You were in this uncomfortable position all this time and I just made it worse by adding more weight. I am so sorry.

G: It was cute watching you sleep so time passes by pretty fast.

Om gets up from the sofa but Gauri starts to scream as she tries to move her head.

G: Bade Bhaiyya is right. I got a cramp like he said and now I cannot move my head.

O: What, Shivaye was here? OMG, this is so embarrassing!

G: The entire family slept here. They all watched us sleep like this.

O: This is so embarrassing. Gauri, we should not have romanced in front of our family like that.

G: Here, I am struggling to move my head and you are complaining about sleeping beside me. We were not doing anything wrong so calm down. Forget it, I will just go to Annika and she will give me some medicine for this.

Gauri heads to Annika’s room and she just says that there is nothing she can do about it. It will go away by itself and she just needs to massage it. For the entire day, Gauri could not straighten her face and become the laughing stock of the family, especially during dinner time.

R: How do you eat like this? (He tries and he could not swallow down his food.)

Om also tries and he had the same problem. Gauri comes downstairs and the brothers had a plan to annoy Gauri.

G: This is so unfair. It is my favourite dish and I cannot eat it because of someone. I cannot swallow anything down.

Om and Rudra starts eating her favourite food and complimenting the cook on how delicious it is just to irritate Gauri.

G: I hate you, guys.

Without eating anything, she walks to her room. An hour later, Gauri takes some balm and attempts to massage her neck but it was uncomfortable for her. Not only that, she can feel her stomach growling. Then, two huge hands touch her neck and she just shudders.

G: Om! (She turns her neck) Ouch!!

O: Do not turn your neck and he comes in front of her. Annika told me that if I massage your neck, then it will feel better so I came to help you out.

G: Uhhh, it is okay. I can manage.

O: I can help you. (Om takes her hands and start to massage her neck and he could sense that she is feeling very uncomfortable and shy.)…

G: That feels so much better…I can move my neck a little bit.

G(Thinking): Such a selfless man. If only, I hadseen this side of him earlier, then we would have been started our life a longtime ago.

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