Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 112

I am sorry for missing chapters in between. I come home very late and sometimes miss chapters in between.

O: So you want me to be happy right. (He slams the door and Gauri startles from noise.) So where should I start?

G(Shyly): Where do you want to start?

Om first kisses her cheek and then her lips. Om lifts her to the bed and then the alarm starts to ring. Om unexpectedly drops her on the bed.

G: Ouch!! Thank goodness you dropped me on the bed instead of the floor.

O: I am not like my brother. He actually dropped Annika Bhabhi on the floor before.

Then, they hear Rudra and Bhavya screaming FIRE! FIRE!

They both run downstairs and the entire family slowly come there. They both see Bhavya and Rudra running around screaming Fire! Fire! But there was no sign of fire.

R: Guys, what are you doing? The fire alarm is ringing and you guys are just standing there.

Dadi: We checked everywhere and there is no fire.

B: So we were panicking for no reason?

They all nod.

O: Guys, let’s go back to sleep! (Om was eager to continue what they were doing in the room.)

R: What if the alarms rings again? What if a fire starts and the faulty alarm does not ring? I am scared. Do not leave me like this.

S: Can you be a little serious?

G: Bhaiyya, he is right. We should stay together just in cash it happens again. That way, we will all be safe.

They all agree to her except for Om, who looked disappointed.

G: I will be back. I am going to get my phone.

Gauri goes upstairs and Om follows her. Just as she expected. Om hugs her from behind and she just shivers. He quickly lets go.

O: Did I hurt you?

G: No, it is just that… forget it

O: I am hurting you. I will not touch you from no on.

G (Speaking really fast): What? You cannot do that. You are my husband and only you can touch me. I want us to be happy and… and… (She starts to blush)

O(Hugs her again): I never knew such petite girl has this much desire to be together with me. Then why did you say that?

G: Because this is our family and it should always come first. (Gauri leaves.)

O(Thinking): My family to our family. Gauri, you always surprise me.

Om sits beside Gauri on the sofa and she holds his hands. Slowly, she places her head on his shoulder and he places his head on her head and they fall asleep.

The next morning they all wake up except for Omkara and Gauri. Their pose was so cute and no one wanted to break it. Annika took a picture using Gauri’s phone and saved it as a her home screen.

A: Let them sleep.

Everyone walks away and continue with their chores…

S: Oh Gauri. My brother is so lucky to have you as his wife.

Gaurismiles and Gauri stays in that position for a good 30 minutes.

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