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Om was patiently waiting in his room wondering how he was going to talk to his wife, Gauri. Gauri was his wife before, but that was when both of them fully did not acknowledge their relationship. Now, that they are officially and mentally husband and wife, it was a different feeling. He take a glass of water and then goes to the front door to see where Gauri. As he was about to open the door, he drops the cup and it shatters all over the place. He bends to clean up. Just then, the door opens and he can see a girl’s feet stepping towards him. Quickly, he puts his hand on the place where the feet is going to be placed and instead of it touching on the floor, she places her feet on his hand.

Om looks up and he sees Gauri smiling.

G: What the hell are you doing? (Then she sees glass and water on the floor.) You were just cleaning this up? Let me help you.

Om has injured himself so the glass does not pierce Gauri’s feet. But, he does not show the wound or his pain to her.

O(Thinking): I am willing to withstand this to keep you happy.

Om covers that hand and both of them clean up the mess. And, then Om moves forward to the bed. Gauri notice a drop of blood on the floor and then a trail of drops on the floor that is leading to Om.

Gauri runs to Om and quickly looks at his hand. She can see the wound on her hand with glass stuck in it.

G: Are you stupid? I know you are trying to be a romantic hero but still there is a limit to this.

She takes the first aid kit and using tweezers, she tries to take the glass out but he withers in pain.

O: Gauri, let me do it by myself.

G: No, I am going to help you. Look in my eyes.

Om looks into her eyes and then she slowly leans forward. So close that there is a millimeter space in between their lips. She then kisses him. Om tries to reciprocate it and make it a passionate one but as soon as he starts, she quickly yanks out the glass piece and puts a cloth over it.

G: There, now you did not feel anything.

Om leans to continue the kiss but Gauri stops him. She starts to blush.

G: Let’s first clean this up.

Gauri slowly blows on the wound and adds antiseptic. Then she bandage the wound. All of sudden, Om can feel a water droplet on his hand. Gauri’s face was bent down a little so he could not see her eyes. He lifts her face up and she was crying.

G: Next time, please do not do anything like this. What if it punctured a major vein? Then what would I do? I will die the next minute when I find out that you have left me?

O: Gauri! (He wipes her tears)I already promised that I will not leave you. Not only you solved all my problems, you became my light and showed me the path. (He starts to cry.) I hurt you so much. You suffered so much because of me.

G: Please stop crying. You are making me cry.

Om continues to cry and Gauri gets up and opens the door to leave the room. Then she feels a hard tug and she lands on Om’s chest.

O: Where are you going?

G: I don’t like to staying in this room with you.

O: What? This is your room and I am your… your husband (says it confidently).

G: Yes, that is true but I feel like I am in a funeral. All you do is cry and that is making me sad. I want both of us to forget what happened in the past. Forget your guilt and just remember the love you had for me.

O: So you want me to be happy right. (He slams the door and Gauri startles from noise.) So where should I start?

G(Shyly): Where do you want to start?..

Om first kisses her cheek and then her lips. Om unexpectedly drops her on the bed.

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  1. Dinu

    Wow.our om is becoming romantic. Awesome epi dr.loved it 2 d core. Plz post d nxt prt soon. (Dr last prt ended vth rudy stopping rikara frm getting married. Is dis continues frm dat prt or did u missed a prt before dis one?)

  2. Kavita samboji

    Nice om is becoming romantic i his love journey will start now

  3. Awesome

  4. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous ???lovely update next part soon

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. Last part is missed to post by your side…

  6. So u r writing fics here!!!! Do ur parents even know of u writing here huh??

  7. So u r writing fics here!!!! Do ur parents even know of u writing here huh??

    1. Hope95

      Sorry, but who is this? I do not know you.

  8. this is awesome…. great going…. but dear… 110 epi is missing…. please update that and the next one (112) soonest possible… we are waiting eagerly…….

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