Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 108

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The entire family comes out, dressed up.

S: It was all our plan, Om.

G: Every single time, you always consider death as an option and I wanted you to realize that should not be the case. You will always have us to support you.


When Gauri was driving, she tells Shivaye to have a harness equipment attached to the cliff so when she jumps she can quickly activate it and save herself. So when she actually jumped, she pressed the button and the string from the harness quickly grabbed the trees and she saved herself. (I DO NOT KNOW HOW DRAMATIC IT SOUNDS, BUT THIS IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING CRAZY THAT GAURI WOULD DO.)

O: So, all this was a lie. You lied to me??

G: Yh, you lied to me. You said that you hated me but it turned out that you loved me so now we are even.

O: Gauri, I hate you.

G: I am already dressed up as a bride. If you do not marry me now, I will leave you… (Om covers her mouth).

O: Gauri, do not say that. After you leaving, I realized how much I need you.

Ri: Gauri, what are you doing? You cannot do this to me.

O: Ritik, I am sorry. I have also hated you but Gauri, you are engaged to Ritik. You guys are a good couple. I wish you luck.

Om walks away and he turns around as he hears two people laughing. It was Gauri and Ritik.

G: Man, we are so good at acting.

Ri(Putting his hand on your waist): Well, everyone fell for it. Even Omkara. (Continues laughing)

O: What do you mean?

Om steps closer to them, with anger and Gauriand Ritik look at him in fear…

Ritik looks at him with confusion.

O:You still do not understand what I am trying to stay… (Ritik refuses. Om takesa deep breath and calms down.)…

They all start laughing.

O: Gauri,I want to clear the air…

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