Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 107

Their car was at the front entrance.

S: Om, go inside and I just have to go to finish some formalities.

Om walks inside and the house was dark but he just walked upstairs to his room. He does not turn his light and just lies down his bed, thinking about what Gauri said.

O: Gauri(crying) you wanted this right. Fine then.

He turns on the lights, takes his bun off and lets out his loose hair. He wears his glasses and paints a picture. In one hour, he was done and it was a picture of him and Gauri standing at the end of cliff with a picture of her in his hand. The exact same image of what he saw the last time he saw Gauri.

O: Gauri, you will be inspiration. The sadness that you gave me, your laughter and free spirit nature will fuel my work. From now on, I am doing this for my pleasure but with each piece I produce, I am honoring my wife.

Then, he hears, “Omkaraji.” He turns around and it sounds like Gauri. Then, he turns back and starts drawing something else. Then, he hears it again. Om gets out of his room. He hears Gauri laughing and runs downstairs.

O: Gauri!!

Then all the lights turn on and the house completely decorated. In front of him, there is stage with mandap on it. A girl was sitting there with a veil covering her face.

O(Thinking): Is this a dream?

He walks to the mandap and goes beside the girl. He bends down and lifts the veil. It was Gauri

O: Gauri!! I cannot believe I am imaging her everywhere. (He holds her face) I love you so much but I lost you. (He starts to cry and walks away.)

The girl runs to him.

G: Ayy, Omkaraji?? I am not dead. Where are you going?

Om just continues to walk and she holds his hand.

O: This is just a dream. I promise you Gauri, you will always be my wife. There will never be another girl in my life. Before, I was hesistant to have a girl in my life. Now, I want you but you are not here.

G: Ek jaapp…

Om lifts a finger and warns her.

Gauri starts to laugh.

G: You will not believe me right? Dabang Salman is always romantic so it is time for this Dabang Gauri to be romantic as well.

Then, she climbs on his shoes and kiss him on his lips. It was not passionate kiss but more of a peck. Om just felt like lightening struck him and realized that he was not dreaming. She then looks around and blushes.

O: Gauri? How did you survive? You fell down the cliff? I saw it with my own eyes.

O: So, all this was a lie. You lied to me??

G: Yh, you lied to me. You said that you hated me but it turned out that you loved me so now we are even.

O: Gauri, I hate you.

G:I am already dressed up as a bride. If you do not marry me now, I will leaveyou

O: Ritik, I am sorry. I have also hated you butGauri, you are engaged to Ritik. You guys are a good couple. I wish you luck

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