Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 106

Om goes closer to the end and Gauri screams Om! She comes in front of him and cries.

G: Do you know how many times I dreamed this? But, you still decided to suicide and leave me behind. You do not realize the value of life but I do because several times, I was this close to lose it. Life is not something where you just decide to quit when your back is turned against the wall. You have to step up and face your problems and you taught me this (Gauri starts to tear up)

G: You are facing all these problems because of me. I thought I was blessing to you but in reality, I am a huge curse. I need you to promise me something. (Om puts his hand) If I leave you forever, you need to go back to original self, the artkara that everyone loves. I am your past and I promise that I will never come back to you. Goodbye Om!

Gauri then leans back and falls down the cliff.

O: Gauri!! (He runs towards her and grabs her hand.)

G: Please leave me, Om. I need to leave you so you can be happy. I saw how happy you were after I faked my death and I want you to be just like that.

O: That was just a mask I put on to keep my family inside. Only my bedroom knows how much cried and missed you.

G: You promised that you will never attempt suicide and carry forward your life. This is my last wish so please keep it.

O: Do not say that! I am going to pull you up!

Gauri lets go of her hand and she falls. Om can see Gauri falling down to the bottom of the mountain.


Om then takes the photo, hugs it and goes close to the cliff.

O: I am going to join you as well.

But, then he remembers his promise to her.

O (Crying): Gauri, you have sacrificed so much for me and now you sacrificed your life. I promise that I will go back to normal. But, no one will change my love for you. I will do your final rites as your husband.

He calls Shivaye and tells him the entire story. Shivaye decides to go there. Shivaye goes to the cliff and sees Om hugging the photo, crying.

S: Om??

O: I killed her. She suicided because of me. You know something before she died, I promised her that I will be happy for the rest of my life. (He wipes his tears and sits in his car.)

Shivaye gets in.

Om tries smile but then ends up Om crying.

O: I need to see Gauri. Can you take me to the bottom?

S: Are you sure? I have already called the ambulance and they are processing the scene now. Gauri will look disfigured after the fall.

O(looks at Shivaye): She is my wife. I do not care how she looks. I want to see her. Would you leave Annika if she gained weight and had a disfigured face?

Shivaye understands his brother’s pain and takes him to the place. They both get out of the car and Om can see the blood on the leaves. He goes up closer but is then stopped by an officer.

Officer (F): We found blood stains but we cannot find her body. It looks like an animal took her body.

O: I am the most unlucky husband in this world. I had the most perfect life a man can ask for her. Now when I want her, I cannot even find her dead body.

Shivaye consoles Om and gets him back into the car. They both head home.

I know that I am going to get chamelis for this but trust me and wait for it.

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