Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 105

Om was at his favourite part, the mountain. The place where he and Gauri together painted together. Om was crying with a canvass in his hand. It was a picture of Gauri when he first met her in Bareilly.

O: Gauri, I am so sorry. I did so much to hurt you that I did not even realize that how cruel I was. I did not even consider the fact you had feelings and kept on harassing you. You did so much for me and my family. You brought them together and showed me what it is like to be loved by father. You protected me from Svetlana when she tried to marry me for just money. When Bua Ma, who I considered as my mother, tried to kill me, you again came for me. And what did I do in return? Embarrassed you in front of everyone and ruined your character. Then again, you came back but again I threw you out. It was because of me your mother died and I made you an orphan.

Om’s tears drop on her face and he cleans it up with his hands.

O: I do not even deserve touching you and still do not have the courage to tell you that I love you. You should be happy. Marry Ritik and just be happy. He will treat you like a queen.

Om takes the image, hugs and goes to the end of the cliff.

O: I just hope in my next life, you become my wife again and I understand for who you actually are.

Then a girl voice: Why are you such a coward?

Om turns around and it was Gauri.

O: Gauri? How did you come here?

G: (Thinking) I cannot tell him that I came here to save him. (Says) I was feeling sad so I came here but I did not expect this. Why do you always run away from your problems? You just do the following three things whenever you have a problem 1) You either tell Shivaye and he solves it for you. 2) You take drugs or attempt to suicide 3) You keep all your problems in yourself and never tell anyone so they can help you out. Where was the Om that I saw when I was Chulbul? He was so eager to take down Svetlana but now all I see is a sad loser who is constantly crying for minor setbacks. You come to me and advise me not to take drugs because it will ruin your life and not you are making the same mistake. I do not care if you jump because this is your decision and you have to live up to your decision.

O: I had you when I faced Svetlana but now I do not have that support.

G(Walks up to him): You need to understand something. You have your brothers and family to watch your back. Imagine how they will feel when they find out you took this situation.

O: Why do you always go back to me and my family? We never considered you as a family member.

G: You did not but they did. They created this Kesha, who can confidently say whatever she wants and surpass anything in her life.

O: Gauri, I know you will never accept me as your husband but I still need to tell you this. Gauri, I am sorry for everything I have done for you. Please forgive me.

Gauri just stands there.

O: Gauri, I love you. (He was about to touch her hands but they refrains from doing so.) I do not even deserve to touch you. You always thought I was your Romeo but looking back, I was your Satan. I tortured you so much. Not physical but emotional and I did not even realize it.

Om goes closer to the end and Gauri screams Om! She comes in front of him and cries.

G: Do you know how many times I dreamed this? But, you still decided to suicide and leave me behind. You do not realize the value of life but I do…

You need to go back to original self, the artkara that everyone loves…

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