Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 104

A: Do not worry, Om. I will talk to Gauri and she will listen to us.

O: Please do not do that. She hates me and it is better that she stays away from me. She has grown into a successful woman and I do not want to pull her down.

There was a knock. Annika goes to see who it is and it was Gauri.

G: Can I come in?

O (Hearing her voice): I cannot see her face. (He hides behind the washroom door.)

G: Is Om here?

S: No, why??

G: There is something that I need to do and it is better if I just tell you two. Om might not be able to understand what I am trying to do.

O(Thinking): She hates me so much that she is not even willing to tell me the truth.

G: Bhaiyya, I need to give you something. (She hands a huge bundle of papers.) This is the property documents of your business and the house. My work here is done. I never had the attention of destroying this family. I just wanted to repay everything you did to me. As Kesha, I donated money to the fund that educated me. I wanted to bring the family back together so I brought out the truth behind Svetlana and now Tej, Jhanvi and Om are happy together. I also found out that Sultan were targeting my sisters so I played along with him so I can protect them. Now that it is done, I do not want to stay here anymore. Every single time I stay here, I always remember my mother and I cannot take it anymore.

S: What about Om? Why do not you give me a chance?

G: I already did. Actually multiple chances but every single time he would throw it out like it is piece of garbage. I am not compatible for him. Om is sitting on a throne and I am just a peasant in disguise. I cannot hold this disguise any longer. I am so tired of acting. We are not compatible so there is no point of trying. I did it for you and Annika. I am just so tired of crying that I am kinda of happy that I am leaving.

A: We can talk to him if he wants.

Gauri (Smiles): Do not waste your time.

G(Thinking): He should talk to me. He should not come to me after listening to advice.

Gauri leaves and Om comes out.

O: She hates me! She did all this for me and I thought she was after our money. I HATE MYSELF!! I HAD A DIAMOND IN MY HAND AND I LOST IT!

S(Thinking): I need to talk to Gauri!

Shivaye walks to Gauri’s room.

S: Gauri, we are very sorry for what we did to you. We should not have trusted that report.

G: That is the past (packing her bags) and there is no point of talking about.

S(Thinking): She is going to leave forever and Om will be crushed. He will never be able to recover. They need to have a heart to heart conversation.

S: I need one more thing from you. (Gauri look at him, ready to do whatever he asks.) Om found out about you and now I am afraid he is going into depression. Before you leave, can you talk to him and tell him that you forgive him?

G: You are also treating me as a business transaction and taking advantage of me. I will do what you asked me to do just because I respect you. But, please remember that I will never forgive him.

Gauri walks into his room and sees the DVDs and the letter.

G: He found out through the confession. I need to talk to him before he does something irrational.

Then, Gauri hears a huge VROOM!! And Shivaye and Rudra screaming Om! Om! Gauri runs downstairs and Rudra and Shivaye runs to them.

R: My brother took the car and heads somewhere. He said he is going to some mountain and we are scared he is going to do something stupid.

S: Gauri, please save him. I am afraid he is going to commit suicide again.

G: Omkaraji, suicide??

S: This is something that only was between us 5. Om attempted to commit suicide as soon as he found out that you died but we saved him at the right time.

G: Why did you not tell me this?

B: He told us to make a promise and not tell anyone. Not even you…

G: I do not care if I do not see Om for the rest of my life but he will not leave me like a coward. Om has always fought with face to face and I will never let him lose like this.

Gauri starts to panic and then she remembers the spot that he showed her.

G: I know where he is going. Before I leave, I need to teach him a lesson. Bhaiyya, I need your help and I will tell you on the way.

Gauri quickly runs to her car.

Om was crying with a canvass in his hand. It was a picture of Gauri when he first met her in Bareilly.

O: Gauri, I am so sorry. I did so much to hurt you that I did not even realize that how cruel I was. I did not even consider the fact you had feelings and kept on harassing you. You did so much for me and my family. You brought them together and showed me what it is like to be loved by father…

O: I do not even deserve touching you and still do not have the courage to tell you that I love you. You should be happy. Marry Ritik and just be happy. He will treat you like a queen.

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  1. wow vry nycjust love it……?

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome.. Back to back update….

  3. Dinu

    Wow. ? awesome epi dr.loved all d epis??? (100,101,102,103,104?) finally truth came out.hope gauri finds om asap.n I hv a doubt, r u planning 2 end dis ff dr? ???? plz don’t do dat dr.plzzz ???? dis is my favorite n first ever rikara ff I hv read on TU.after reading dis ff only I got interested in reading rikara ffs??? plz don’t end dis.dis is a humble request (only if u r planning 2 end dis??☹) bye tc.??eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi??

    1. Hope95

      This is not going to end anytime soon. They are just getting back together.

  4. Hey,I am a silent reader of ur ff…nd commenting fr 1st time…I read all chapters…loved it a lot…amazing…splendid…post next soon…

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