Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 103

G: Let’s play a small game. I am going to pull your fingernails one by one till you say sorry to me. And, just a heads up, this is just the beginning.

She pulls a fingernail at a time but Kali screams and still does not say sorry. Om could not take it anymore and turns off the TV.

O: How did she become so vile? She was in so much pain that she expressed it as anger. I need to find the end of this. Can pain change an innocent person into a person who is hungry to see someone in pain? Is it all because of me? My love changed her into a monster and all this time, I blamed her for changing her into a monster.

Om goes through the box and sees a DVD labelled Confession.

O: Could this be it? (Om with his shaking hands put the DVD in)

Kali was in despicable condition. You can see his bones through his skin. Black circles under his eyes. So many scars and wounds on his body.

G: So, now can I get a sorry? I mean this is nothing compared to what I have lost.

K: Gauri, please forgive me. I was the one who destroyed your entire life. I wanted you to be my wife and also keep my brothers happy. My wife suicided because of me but I made everyone think it was because of you. Not only that, when Om sent a private investigator, I bought the PI and switched the information so he can kick you out. I thought you will come to me but instead…

O(Thinking): So those reports are fake? Gauri was truly genuine (Om crying) and I doubted her again.

Ritik comes running in.

R; I told you Gauri that you do not need the confession. Just slap him hard and he will just beg at your feet for mercy.

Ritik starts slapping him.

G(Running to Ritik): Please, Ritik, stop. He is going to die. I only want a sorry. That is all. After that, we can let him go and house arrest so he does not hurt another person again.

R: Gauri, he is dead.

G: What do you mean, Ritik? (Crying) Why did you kill him? He… is a human and no has the right to take life.

R: Gauri, I will handle it …

G: I do not care about the jail but this is just wrong. Just because I have the upper hand, this does not mean I take advantage of the person.

O: Gauri (Falls on his knees) How can do this to you? You did not want to hurt your enemy and I… everyday, I drove a nail through your heart with my insults. Why?? Why did come back to this hell? You said just stayed away from me. But, no, you come back and I insult you and hurt you even more.

He runs to Shivaye’s room without turning off the TV. When he barged in, Shivaye and Annika were arguing about something with a report in his hand.

O: Shivaye?? Annika??

A: We need to tell you something. It is about Gauri.

O (Falls on her knees): I doubted her again. The report was fake and Kali planted false information in it. She begged me several times but I never listened to her.

S: We actually found out a few days ago. There was a doubt in my mind so I personally investigated it and found out that Gauri is not that type of girl.

O: Why did you not tell me?

A: We did not know how you will take it. I wanted to tell you as it is fair to know the truth but Shivaye thought you might act badly after hearing it.

Om just cries and Shivaye and Annika hugs him.

A: Do not worry, Om. I will talk to Gauri and she will listen to us.

O: Please do not do that. She hates me and it is better that she stays away from me. She has grown into a successful woman and I do not want to pull her down.

There was a knock. Annika goes to see who it is and it was Gauri.

G: Can I come in?

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