Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 102

Om was in his room, getting ready to go to his studio when Khanna(K) came in.

K: Om sir…

O: Yes, Khanna.

K: You have received this package (He picks up a closed box from the ground and shows it to him.)

O: It is probably the art supplies that I ordered. Just leave them there.

K: But, it does not have the manufacturer’s name on it. It came through regular mail.

O: Did you check it before you received?

K: I did not open it but I did run it through the scanner and it is safe to open up.

O: Just leave it in the corner (pointing at a corner) and I will have a look at it later.

Khanna puts the box where Om asked him and leaves. Om just walks to his cabinet and takes a few supplies and clothes as he was planning to stay there for the night. But, just as he was about to leave, he curiously looked at the box.

O: Who would send me this? It just so weird how it was specified just to me and I do not have any friends who will send me any gifts at this time.

Om takes the box to his bed and opens it up. He looks inside and there was a piece of paper along with DVDs.

O: What the hell? Did the sender expect me to watch movie-a-thon? Why did they send me so many DVDs?

Each DVD was labelled with the first one being labelled 1 and onwards. Om takes the letter out of the box and it was from Gauri’s mother.

This is what the letter said:

Dear Om,

I know that you hate Gauri and Gauri hates you but please do not rip up this letter. There is a huge secret that I need to tell you. Gauri is not who you think she is. She is as pure as light.

O(Thinking): I am so confused. Why would she send me this? (Looking through the DVDs. (He reads on.)

I am not saying this because I am her mother. I am saying this because I have also respected you as my son and you need to know the truth. (THE BAREILLY STORY STARTS AND SHE TELLS HIM EVERYTHING ABOUT GAURI’S PAIN AND KALI THAKUR.) I know you will not believe as Gauri has told you several time. These DVDs I have sent you is a copy of Kali’s torture and confession. He will tell you the truth. I have asked Gauri to send you this several times to show as proof but she always said that this relationship is over and there is no need to explain as there is nothing between us.

Your Mother,

Mrs. Sharma

O: She sent me the CCTV footage of Kali being tortured. But, why would Ma send me this? (He gets up.) This is probably one of her games. (He opens his door to see if Gauri is outside, watching his room but she was not there. He closes the door and goes back inside.) Ma, I am only watching this because you requested. As your son, it is my job to fulfill all your wishes.

Om puts the first DVD in and starts watching. It showed Kali tied up in a chair. Then, a petite girl in a short skirt and blouse walks towards him.

K: You?

G: Are you surprised that I did this? You probably expected someone muscular to take on but you never expected someone that you have tortured to slowly torture you.

Kali breaks free from the rope and gets up. But then, he falls face first on the floor. His nose was bleeding and he looks towards his legs, which were chained.

K: Revenge uhh? Just like how I chained you to the bed and made you cry when I caught you as Chulbul.

O(Shocked): She went through all this but in front of me, she acted as Kali’s wife. Why?

G: You know why I had to go through all this. You blackmailed me and told me that you will kill Bua Ma and my husband so I had to do what I was told.

K: And your stupid husband fell for it as well. He did not believe you.

G: That is his problem.

O: She was right. Bua Ma was kidnapped but Bua Ma also played her game and lied to me. (Om starts to cry.)

G: Let’s play a small game. I am going to pull your fingernails one by one till you say sorry to me. And, just a heads up, this is just the beginning.

She pulls a fingernail at a time but Kali screams and still does not say sorry. Om could not take it anymore and turns off the TV.

O:How did she become so vile? She was in so much pain that she expressed it asanger. I need to find the end of this.

Om goes through the box and sees a DVD labelled Confession.

O:Could this be it?

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