Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 101

G: Commissioner, I will like to file a FIR. Svetlana killed my mother and I need you to investigate it. I want this to be undercover so that she does not escape. I hope we can work something out as I helped you guys catch Sultan.

Om smiles at the change in Gauri’s character and heads out.

O(Thinking): Instead of seeking violence, she is doing it the proper way.

A few hours later…

Tej, Rudra and Om were watching TV when Gauri came running downstairs. She looked really mad and quickly took the remote from the sofa.

O: Gauri, we are watching a cricket match. Do not change the channel.

G: Too late. I am changing it. Stream the cricket match live if you want to watch it now.

She changed it to a news channel. The breaking news was that Svetlana has been arrested for her mother’s murder.

O(Thinking): Why is she madly looking at the screen? Should not be happy that Svetlana is caught.

BANG! Om comes out of his thinking process and sees the TV screen shattered and Gauri just looking like a mad woman. Then she starts to laugh. It was not an angry laugh that she has finally found her vengeance but more of a happy laugh. The laugh that Om was dying to see. She runs to Tej.

G: Papa, thank you so much for helping me. I was so worried about this and felt like I was surrounded by darkness. You took me out of it. I just wanted to know who killed my mother and attempted to kill our family. Thank you.

O(Thinking): Papa?? Who is she referring to? Is her father here?

Gauri hugs Tej.

O: Tej, papa?? Wow, I did not see that coming. And, did she say our family? Gauri called the Oberoi family her family.

R: Now, how do I watch cricket?

G (Excited): You guys were watching cricket? Why did you not tell me?

R: Om did but you just ignored him.

G: Oh, let’s watch it now. (She grabs the remotes and tries to change the channel.) This stupid TV is not working. (It takes her a few seconds to realize that she broke the TV.) Oh god, I broke the TV. You know what, let’s watch it in my room. We can connect it to the projector, turn off the light and watch it.

Tej and Rudra get up and heads with Gauri to her room. She turns around.

G: Om, are you not coming? You were watching it too.

O: You want me to come….

G: Yh, unless you are not a die hard cricket fan.

O: Oh please, you do not know how much I love cricket.

G: In that case, we will set up. Just bring some snacks in the kitchen.

Om did as what Gauri told him to do and for the entire time, all you can hear was screams from Gauri’s room. Om sat beside Gauri and she did not even make a great deal out of it. They shared a few hi-fi and it was just like a typical day with friends. When they found out India won, Gauri instantly hugged Om and he started to blush. But, no one noticed it as it was all dark.

T(Thinking): Gauri, just like how you brought my family back together, I just hope Om and you get back together and start a family.

Om was in his room, getting ready to go to his studio when Khanna(K) came in.

K: Om sir…

O: Yes, Khanna.

K: You have received this package (He picks up a closed box from the ground and shows it to him.)

O: It is probably the art supplies that I ordered. Just leave them there.

K: But, it does not have the manufacturer’s name on it. It came through regular mail.

The truth is coming out next chapter… Hope you will like it.

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