Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 100

G: WHAT? Who?

T: Svetlana (Gauri gives him a suspicious look.)

G(Thinking): Tej does not usually give information unless he expects something in return. Plus, he already hates Svetlana so he is just doing it to make Svetlana and me enemies.

T: (He understands what Gauri is thinking). I know you probably think I have something to do with his, but I do not. You gave me my family back. Jhanvi is starting to speak with me and Om is sitting together with me without fighting. I only care about my family now and this is all because of you.

G: Thank you for the information. I will handle it from here.

T: Gauri, please do not torture her like you did Gauri. I am not telling you this because of my past relationship with Svetlana. I am telling you this because you are the bahu of this house and I do not want you to get in trouble.

G: There is nothing between me and Om so how can I be your bahu?

T: I agree with you. But, at least, can you listen to your father? I know you never had a father figure and I was hoping if you will accept me as your father.

Gauri starts to tear up and hugs him.

G: P.. papa, I will do as you say.

T: Thank you, Gauri.

He walks outside and sees Om listening to their entire conversation.

T: Om… I went to Gauri’s room to tell her… I did not know Svetlana would target her.

O: Dad… (Tej looks at him, glad that his son called him dad). I know you did not do this. (Om hugs him and head towards Gauri’s room.)

O(Thinking): I cannot let her go down this dangerous path. She cannot act the same way as she did with Gauri. I want to see the Gauri that will cry when someone is in pain not the girl who laughs at other’s pain.

He peeks into a room.


G: Commissioner, I will like to file a FIR. Svetlana killed my mother and I need you to investigate it. I want this to be undercover so that she does not escape. I hope we can work something out as I helped you guys catch Sultan.

Om smiles at the change in Gauri’s character and heads out.

O(Thinking): Instead of seeking violence, she is doing it the proper way.

A few hours later…

Tej, Rudra and Om were watching TV when Gauri came…

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