Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support Chapter 34

Gauri enters the outhouse and it was dark and covered in dust. She started sneezing as she could not take the dust.

G(Thinking): I should have just stayed with my friend instead of coming here. How am I going to clean up all this dust without having a nose bleed from all this sneezing. Oh well, I have to clean this up no matter what.

Gauri walks inside to the storage room, continuously sneezing, and she does not see any cleaning supplies.

G: Looks like I need to purchase cleaning supplies. If I go inside the house, Omkaraji is going to either insult me for using their supplies or attempt to help me out and I do not need his help.

Gauri opens all the windows and goes out to purchase all the cleaning supplies. She comes back, her hands carrying filled white plastic bags and she sees the servants entering the outhouse.

G: Hey…. What are they doing in my house?

Gauri drops all her stuff and runs to her house to find a huge surprise. All the Oberoi servants were cleaning inside the house. They were wearing white suits to avoid breathing in all the dust.

Gauri goes up to one of the servants.

G: Who asked you to clean all this?

Servant: Sir did… He said that he will come back to you.

G: Oh… sir…probably bade Bhaiyya. Oh, well… I should probably help them.

Gauri walks into the room and finds a person in a white suit just making everything worse. Instead of slowly cleaning up the dust, he is allowing it to fly which is making everything worse.

G: Hey… (Sneeze) You are (Sneeze)… STOP IT!!

The man stops. He faces her and passes a face mask to her. Gauri looks at him sneezing.

G: What are you doing? Don’t you (Sneeze) any common sense? If you clean (Sneeze) like this, the dust is going to fly everywhere. How long have you been working in the mansion?

M: Wear this mask so you do not breathe in the dust. Later change into those suits so you do not get covered in the dust.

Gauri’s mouth just drops open. The man reveals his face and it was Om.


Om quickly puts the mask over her face and Gauri looks at him in shock.

O: Sorry, but you need to put this mask on. I cannot let you breathe in all this dust. And, if the sneezing gets worse, I may have to take you to the doctor and that is more painful for you.

G(Thinking): What is going on here? Putting on this mask… Taking me to the doctor… He is acting as if he is my husband? I mean… he is my husband but he is trying to fulfill his duties as a husband

O: The room was very dirty so I thought I can clean it up for you. I understand that you are allergic to dust and paint so with all of us helping, we can get this prepared faster for you.

G: I do not need your help… I can do it by myself. (Sneezing) This mask is not helping.

O: Really??

G: Uhh.. yes (Sneezing) Just leave.

O(Thinking): She is never going to listen and make herself suffer. I need to phrase this in a different way so she can listen to me.

O: Listen up, Gauri Kumari Sharma, this is my house and according to you, you are my guest…

G: Guest….

O: That is what you said. You said that you are here as a sibling to my brother and sister-in-law and have no relationship with me. So that means you are a guest to me right??

G (Sadly): Yes, you are right. I am the guest.

O: So, as the host, it is my job to give you a clean place to stay, so can you now leave so we can finish cleaning this house?

Defeated, Gauri walks outside and watches from the windows.

G(Thinking): I cannot make myself look helpless. Plus, Om looks ridiculous cleaning. He is making a bigger mess and making everyone’s lifes harder. At this rate, I will be outside for the entire night, I need to help him without him realizing that I am helping me but how? Hmmm… That is how….

They snap out of it as they hear Maa Da Laadla… and it was Rudra dancing on the steps singing the song. He goes closer to them and continues singing.

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    Nice epi dr.I loved how om helping gauri. Bt poor om doesn’t know hw 2 clean properly. Nw how will gauri help om 2 clean d mess.I tnk looking @ promo dat gauri will get a man disguise 2 help him.eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi dr.plz post asap.bye dr tc

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  4. super one yaar….Gauri in OM…nice one..when it would be in the same room..i acant wait for the nxt episode…

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      I feel like if they are in the same room, they would not realize how much they need each other.

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