Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support 52

So Sangeet started – Annika and Vikram dancing and Shivaye and the other girl (I forgot her name) dancing – The focus will be on Rikara though

Gauri was waiting at the front while Om was with Rudra.

O: Who is Gauri waiting for?

R: I do not know. Why are you asking me all these questions? I thought you know everything about her. In the house as Om and in the office as Shanker

O: That is not true. She is like a closed book but why does she look excited?

R: It is Sangeet. All the girls will be excited as they get to dance with their partners.

O(Thinking): Will Gauri dance with me? What if she says now (Says): I cannot dance like this in front of everyone so I am not going to even ask.

R: What?? Om, are you stupid? Go ask her when it starts. You are going to make it awkward for her. What if she starts dancing with someone else?

O: Shut up, Rudra. (Thinking): What if she does start dancing? Will she? But, who will ask her? She barely does not know anyone here.

G: Hi!!

Om looks towards the door to see who she is saying hi to. It was Sahil.

O: What is he doing here? Who invited him here? (He sees Gauri squealing.) Gauri… Oh my god… why does this always happen to me? Now I have to lie to more people.

Gauri was about to say something but Sahil puts his hand over her mouth.

S: What have I told you? Do not call me, Bhaiyya in public.

G: Why? You are my brother.

S: Gauri, I understand your brotherly love but we are the same age. People are giving us weird looks, Gauri. (Thinking) I have other plans, Gauri. Do not worry, I am here to help you.

Om comes to them.

G: Sahil, this is Omkaraji and Omkaraji, this is Sahil. Omkaraji, I invited him here. When I called him for the design, he asked what the occasion was so I just ended up calling him over.

O: Gauri, you do not need to explain anything to me. You can invite anyone over. I DO NOT have a problem over that.

S: So, this is the infamous Omkaraji…

O: Infamous…

S: Sorry, I meant famous… Gauri told me so many good things about you. I was just so estatic when she told me everything.

O(Thinking): So, he knows everything. She told him everything, but why would she share her personal information to him?

Gauri could feel the change in attitude and decided to change it up.

G: Omkaraji, I think bade Bhaiyya is calling you. (Om looks at Shivaye)

O: Really, Gauri? He seems really busy talking to someone else.

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