Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support 51

O(Thinking): Oh god… (Says) Who said that I know him? Why are you such making silly assumptions?

Om runs upstairs.

G(Thinking): Weird…

Gauri takes her phone and calls Sahil. After a few minutes, she takes the powder and starts to draw.

R: Looks like I won. Now, you have to do what you promised.

B: God, I cannot believe they let me down like this. I thought Gauri would listen to Om. After all, he is an artist.

R: Just because he is an artist, it does not mean Chulbul Bhabhi needs to listen to him. Each person have their own views.

Few hours later, Om comes downstairs to check to see if the food is here for the function. As he heads to kitchen, he peeks to see if Gauri is there still drawing.

O: Hmm… Gauri is not there, which means she is done. Let’s see what she drew. Since she listened to Sahil’s input, it probably looks really bad.

Om goes closer and his mouth just drops.

O: I cannot believe she drew this. It is… It is… just unbelievable.

O(Thinking): This means she still has feelings for me.

Om just scurries away before Gauri sees his reaction and Rudra and Bhavya come to the front entrance.

In front of them, there was an opened flower with two hands with mehndi together welcoming the guest. There were small birds around the design.

R: Wait a second… Om recommended the bird design, which Gauri refused.

B: Gauri recommended the hands design which Om refused. But, this artwork has both.

Dadi walks in.

D: Looks like both of you have lost your competition. In a relationship, it is okay to have fights as that fosters the relationships, but in the end, it is important to compromise and not dive deeper into the argument. And, this is exactly what Gauri did. She did not let go of her self-respect and accommodated to Om’s wishes as well.

R: That is why Om ran away like that when he saw the artwork.

D: He did not expect Gauri to give in like this.

B: But, there is something that Om does not realize. Compromises should be both ways. When is Om going to start compromising to keep Gauri happy? There will be a point when Gauri will be tired of all these sacrifices that she might give up. If that happens, then it will be too late. Gauri is not the type of girl who forces herself onto someone and if she feels that Om does not want her, she will just walk away. Bhaiyya, please do something before that happens.

So Sangeet started – Annika and Vikram dancing and Shivaye and the other girl (I forgot her name) dancing – The focus will be on Rikara though

Gauri was waiting at the front while Om was with Rudra.

O: Who is Gauri waiting for?

R: I do not know. Why are you asking me all these questions? I thought you know everything about her. In the house as Om and in the office as Shanker

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