Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support 49

G: Omkaraji, can you turn around for me?

Om turns around.

O: Gauri, you are at my eye level. How did you get to this height? What did you climb? You are going to fall down. Get down and I will bend down so it is easier for you.

G: I have danced on sofas before so this is nothing for me.

Om remembers Gauri’s dance at Kali’s house and smiles for a moment. But, then instantly, his smile turns into a frown as soon he realizes that she was dancing for Kali.

O: Gauri, are you done?

G: One second.

Gauri signals Rudra to take out his phone and take a picture.

Rudra takes a few pictures. Gauri goes to Rudra and looks at the picture.

G(High fiving Rudra): You are such a good photographer.

O: Photos, show me what you guys did..

Rudra shows Om the photos and Om’s eyes bulge open.

O: I look like an …


O: Gauri!

Om takes the yellow powder and throws the entire thing on her. Rudra takes the green one and throws it on Bhavya.

D: What are you guys doing here?

Rikara and Ruvya quickly face Gauri, covered in multiple colours except for Om who was mostly covered in the red powder

R: Uh… We are playing holi, Dadi.

D: Holi, now… I get it. You two do not want to wait for your first holi after marriage and playing now. Om, how did you get the red powder on yourself?

G: Gauri threw it on me.

D: Red is the color of weddings and love. There is a tradition where during the couple’s first holi after marriage, the bride and groom puts red colour on each other. Now that you two are celebrating holi and Gauri has already done that, it is your turn.

Gauri and Om look at each other (Saathiya plays.) Om hesistantly looks down and then back at Gauri. Everyone can feel the awkwardness between them.

G(Goes up to Dadi): Dadi, this tradition is only for married couples. With our… sorry my marriage on the line, there is no point of doing this. I have to make sure that everything is ready for the Sangeet so I will go. Can you order some more colours for the decoration please? (Turning back) We wasted it on this.

Gauri leaves and Om just stares at Dadi. Dadi, and Ruvya leave with Om just standing there. He bends down and takes the red colour powder in his hands.

O: Why could not I put this on her? Why is it that I cannot openly express my feelings forever?

After cleaning herself up, Gauri heads back downstairs to finish the decoration. The powder she needed for the decoration was all there, arranged in different colours. Gauri opened the bucket with the green powder but then closed it back. She then opened the bucket with yellow powder and closed it back again. With a confused look, she stared at the floor.

O: What are you doing, Gauri?

No response, Gauri continues staring at the floor. Om taps her hand and she comes out of it.

G: Omkaraji, when did you come here?

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