Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support 47

G: Why are you smiling? You are so sadistic, Om. I cannot believe you are laughing at my tears.

O: Sorry, but how do you go from being so happy to being so sad and crying? It is a huge mood swing and I did not expect that. (Om leans in close and wipes her tears.) Whatever you do, do not cry. I have been the source of the tears before and now I cannot see you cry anymore.

(Saathiya plays)

Om and Gauri just look at each other, lost in their own worlds.

G (Thinking): Om, what are you trying to say, Om? I need to tell me straight up to my face so I can trust you. Gauri, quit romancing with him and try to play hard to get so he steps up.

She breaks out of the eyelock.

G: So, what do I use this for?

O: You can use this as your inspiration. You can find a drawing that you like in this book and draw it out.

G: But, I cannot use flowers for this. It is too complicated.

O: Then, uses this (Pointing at cans) There are coloured powder in this so you can use this to decorate it.

Bhavya and Rudra run from the room and wait in the living room. Om and Gauri comes to the living room with the buckets filled with coloured powder and the sketchbook.

G: Before I decide on what I need to draw, I first need to get use to this powder.

She takes the red powder and tries to make a straight line. But, it ends up looking crooked with thick and thin parts.

G: This looks so stupid. If I cannot make a straight line, then how am I going to make circles, triangles and all other shapes.

O: Gauri, you need to have control in your hand. And, also do not take all his powder in your hand. Take a little and go with the flow.

Om takes a handful of the powder and carefully draws a straight line. Gauri opens her mouth in surprise.

G: How did you that?

O: I will sit beside you. First, practice making lines and then we can draw the line.

While Gauri practices, Om just looks at Gauri the entire time. How she reacts when she makes a mistake… How she screams at herself for a simple task.

O(Thinking): It was simply cute.


Om snaps out of it and then notices the red powder on her cheek.

O: Gauri, you have some powder on your cheek.

Gauri touches the opposite cheek and both sides look slightly red.

O(Thinking): She looks like she is blushing. She is super cute. There needs to be a little bit more red on her lips and then she looks like a perfect doll. (Says) Gauri, there is some powder on your lips.

G: Where?

She uses her hand and puts the red powder on the lower lip.

O: No, Gauri… Upper lip.

She touches her upper lip and it becomes red.

O: Perfect!

G: Perfect?? Were you playing a prank with me?

She gets up and Om gets up as well.

G: You were playing a prank with me, Omkaraji… How can you… You… You.

R: What the hell? I came to get something andnow I am covered in this …

O: Gauri!

Om becomes angry but Gauri starts to laugh…

O: Gauri, why did you bring those cups? The water in it will not be enough to clean my eyes.

Gauri flips the cups over and it was empty.

O: Gauri, you did not bring water, so why did you bring those cups here? Gauri, answer my question.

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