Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support 46

Om calms down and continues to go through the box. Gauri flips and sees Om as a teenager. She looks at the photo and then back at Om. Photo and back at Om.

O: Gauri, what are you doing?

G: Imagining…

O: Imagining what?

G: What would you look like if you cut your hair?

R: Oh, she has just passed the limit. With the Obros, there are things that you should never mention to us. With Shivaye Bhaiyya, it is height. He is pretty short compared to other men. I love my biceps (Kissing his biceps) An Om…. Om cares so much about his hair. I have told so many time to cut it because he sometimes looks like a girl but he will not listen.

O: Don’t you dare talk about my hair. I will not cut it (Thinking) Gauri, ask me do whatever you want, but I will never cut my hair. This is my prized possession.

G: I never asked you to cut your hair. Actually, I like your long hair. Everyone has short hair and it is so blahh.. You look different but it is a nice difference.

O: Did you just compliment me, Gauri?

G: Om, I did not compliment you. I just said the truth. Can you just focus? Why are we here in the first place?

O: For this.

Om takes out a sketchbook. It looked really old. Gauri quickly grabs it from him.

G: I never seen this one before.

O: Be careful with it. It is important to me.

Gauri sits down and Om sits beside him.

Gauri opens the book and the first picture was of a mandap. Then, drawings of kurtas and sarees. Wedding decorations.

G(Thinking): Why is he showing me wedding drawings?

O: Gauri, do not laugh at me. But, I have always dreamed of that girl that will hold my hand for the rest of my life and I drew pictures of how my marriage should be. This should be the mandap where the sacred rounds are taken, I wanted the clothes to be designed by me so I can give my wife’s wedding saree to my partner. I have always wanted a wife who not only considered me as a wife, but as a friend. A friend who would sacrifice anything for my family….

Bhavya gives him a confused look. Whispering to Rudra: Is this true?

R: Yes, I was the playboy of the house but Om was the perfect man any girl would want to marry. In college, all the girl will be after him and there were times where I would get jealous. There were times where I would ask Om to connect me with a girl but instead of the connection, I would get a slap across the face. He would say…”

O: You do not need an introduction for true love. The moment you meet someone your instinct will tell you she is the one

R: You still remember, Om (Om and Rudra starts to laugh)

O: How can I forget all the times I slapped you, Rudra?

R: Shivaye did not really care about marriage though. But, slowly, his dreams got shattered and he started hating the idea of getting married.

O: Whatever Rudra. That is the past.

Gauri just was bewildered at what he said. She heard it before from Dadi but Om, dreaming about it, was just mind blowing.

G: Om, I cannot believe this is you. (Laughing her heart out and joking) The Omkara Singh Oberoi who married a girl who he barely knew in the most unexpected way got married to me. And then later ditched her saying that he does not believe in marriage. The same Omkara Singh Oberoi here is tell me that not only he believes in marriage but also has everything planned.

As soon as he finished, Om looked very guilty. He felt like someone just poured buckets and buckets of hot water on him.

O(Thinking): Even she is joking, she does have a point though. How can she ever believe that this is the same person?

G: Om, I was joking. I did not mean to hurt you. Please do not be sad (She starts to cry.)

Looking at Gauri crying, Om starts to smile.

G: Why are you smiling? You are so sadistic, Om. I cannot believe you are laughing at my tears.

O: Sorry, but how do you go from being so happy to being so sad and crying? It is a huge mood swing and I did not expect that…

G: So, what do I use this for?

O: You can use this as your inspiration. You can find a drawing that you like in this book and draw it out.

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