Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support 45

O: I can see that you cannot think of any ideas for this. But, I can help you with that. When I need inspiration, I would just close my eyes and whatever pops up, I would draw that.

Gauri closes her eyes but the first thing that pops up is her conversation with Shanker when he said that to her as well.

Gauri looks at Om in shock with her mouth wide open.

O: Gauri, what did you see? (Thinking) Maybe it was something negative about me. This plan is going to backfire on me.

R: The fight is going to start….

B: Stop being so negative… You sound like a villain to their love story.

R: A villain… I would love to take that position. All of their villains brought them closer.

B: What do you mean?

R: Kali introduced Gauri to Om. Svetlana introduced Chubul to Om and the reason why Gauri entered Om. Bua Ma forced Gauri to stay with Om.

B: Yh, but the reason why Om and Gauri has this misunderstanding is because of Kali. No one knows what happened in Bareilly and Om is starting to slowly learn. The best thing Om should do is ask Gauri what happened to her in Bareilly. But, Gauri does not even want to talk to Om about that because right now, she is focusing on bringing Shivika together.

R: Wow… You just lost me with all this. Now, let’s focus on the bet.

G: My boss, Shankerji, said the same thing to me. (Asking innocently) Do all artists just close their eyes and draw?

O(Thinking): Om, you…are…so…dumb. I almost gave everything to her on a silver plate. Time to lie again. I always taught people who lie are never up to no good. But, Gauri, you have taught me that lying for other people’s satisfaction is good. (Says) I do not know.

G: But, this trick is not working for me.

O: Let me go get it.

G: Get what?

O: Follow me. We need to go to the storage room.

G: What is in the storage room?

Om and Gauri go to the storage room. Rudra and Bhavya follows them. Om goes through boxes and finds a taped up cardboard box that says, “Omkara’s childhood and teenager pictures.”

G: Are you going to show me your childhood pics? Do you smile in the picture or do you still have that stone faced expression on your face?

Om ignores her and opens the box. Quickly, Gauri goes through the other side and pulls out an album. She opens it and it was Om’s baby picture.

G: Awww.. you are so cute.

O(Thinking): Did she call me cute? (He gives a shy smile)

G: But, it is so sad to see that cuteness gone. Now, all I see is a Nandi in front of me.

B(Whispering): No, Gauri. Do not call him a nandi.

R(Whispering): That is the trigger word for their fight.

O: Nandi?? Do I look like a Nandi to you? I am not always mad, okay??

Gauri looks at him with her hands on her hips.

O(Thinking): Wow, I just got angry right now. Sometimes, I do act like a nandi.

Om calms down and continues to go through the box. Gauri flips and sees Om as a teenager. She looks at the photo and then back at Om. Photo and back at Om.

O: Gauri, what are you doing?

G: Imagining…

O: Imagining what?

G: What would you look like if you cut your hair?

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