Ishqbaaz – Rikara Present Chapter 9

Gauri turns around.

G: These anklets?

Gauri sticks her foot out and hits it against the stair. CHING! CHING!

G: Bade bhaiyya gave it to me. He said that as soon as he saw these anklets he thought of me. The noise it makes… (Makes anklets noise) reminds him of me. I understand where he is coming from. I am very talkative sometimes. Okay, Omkaraji I have work to do.

Gauri goes up the stairs. CHING! CHING!


Om quickly closes his mouth and looks up the stairs to see if Gauri heard him

O(thinking): Shivaye bought it for her? What the hell? I bought it for her and Shivaye takes the credit. I wanted to see that on her feet. What is he thinking?

Om storms into Shivaye’s room and sees Annika folding his clothes.

O: Where is that sweet brother of mine?

A: Rudra is not here.

O: The other one… the older one..

A: Right there

Om walks towards Shivaye.

A: Looks like he found out.

O: Found what?

A: Gauri’s bade bhaiya’s gift.

Shivaye and Annika laughed.

O: This is not funny, guys. I bought it for her and she now thinks you bought it for her. Why did you tell her that when you actually did not?

S: We know that you bought it for her.

O: How?

S: Om, I am your older brother so I can read you pretty well. I saw the gift when you bought it for her. Plus I have already passed that stage so I know how you feel.

A: Why did you not give it to her?

O: I did give it to her but not directly. I secretly put it on her feet.

S,A: You did what??

A:That is so romantic. You should learn from your brother.

S: But then why you did not tell her that you put it on.

O: I was about too but…

Om remembers Gauri’s state.

O(thinking): Gauri trusted me with her secret so how can I tell them?

A: What happened after that, Om?

O: Sorry guys but Gauri told me something and I made a promise not to tell anyone. I have to honor that promise. Please do not ask and put me in an uncomfortable situation.

Annika and Shivaye smiles at each other seeing how Om has changed. A man who only spotted anger at this gir l is now starting to respect her feelings. A girl who refused to share and keep everything to herself is using his shoulder as support.

O: So what do I do now?

A: What do you want to Do?

O: I want her to know that I bought it for her.

S: So tell her. The only reason why I told her is because she was about to donate it if she found out that it did not belong to anyone. So I had to lie to her.

O: oh… so in that case I should talk to her later.

A: now. Talk to her now. She is by the pool so go talk to her now. Both of you need to stop playing hide and seek and come clean.

O: We are playing hide and seek? What do you mean?

A: You know what I mean, Om. Now go talk to her.

Om enters the backyard and there he can see Gauri sitting by the edge of the pool kicking the water. CHING! CHING!

Om sits beside her and puts his feet in the water.

O: It is beautiful right? (Looking at the reflection of the moon in the water)

G: Yes the reflection is beautiful…

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