Ishqbaaz – Rikara Present Chapter 8

Gauri takes a step to run but then someone holds her hand and pulls her back.

G: Let me go, Annika bhoujai. This is not fair.

O: Stop running away and learn to face your problems.

Gauri turns around and it was Om that held her hand. He let go of her.

O: Gauri since you do not want to do it, say so to everyone with a steady tone. Do not hide it just because you are afraid that your friends and family will get hurt. If we cannot adjust for you, then we are not your true family and friends

Female Saathiya plays.

Annika and Bhavya smile at each other.

A (Thinking): Om, I am so proud of you. From stranger to enemy to family. And next wife.

O: Bhabhi, Gauri does not want to put mehindi on her hands but you need a test subject. I will be your test subject. Someone has to do it so I will take Gauri’s place. Please do not force her.

A: Om We were joking. We never had the intention. (They noticed Gauri staring at him with her mouth wide open.)

G: You said not to constantly sacrifice things for your family and now you are doing the same for me. I will put on the mehindi.

O: No I will. Gauri you will get a headache with the smell and there’s so much to do for the marriage.

A: Guys calm down.

O: Annika Bhabhi you do not understand. She never listens to me. And then she gets in trouble and I have to run to save her.

G: Then do not run to save me. I do not need your help.

Om moves in closer and places his hands on the shoulder.

O: Whatever you do do not ever say that. Gauri, please remember that you are never lonely. I will always be here for you. You do not need to face your problems by yourself.

Gauri was confused and steps back. Om reaches into the bowl and takes mehindi and puts it on his hand.

A: Om, you do not need to do it.

O(looking at Gauri) there is another reason why I am doing this. (Thinking) I need to prove to her that I have her back.

Gauri started to feel bad as Om was doing something that he did not want to do. She then gets an idea. She goes close to Om.

Gauri quickly takes his hand with mehindi on it, raises it and gives him a high five.

G: Omkaraji, high five!

They both look at their hand and both of them had mehindi on their hand.

Gauri steps back. CHING! CHING!

G: Omkaraji the same thing applies to you. You are never by yourself. I will always be there for you and support you.

Om’ s mouth drops as he did not expect it. Gauri turns around and starts to climb the stairs. CHING! CHING!

O: Gauri, where did you find those anklets?


Gauri turns around.

G: These anklets?

Gauri sticks her foot out and hits it against the stair. CHING! CHING!…


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