Ishqbaaz – Rikara Present Chapter 10

Om enters the backyard and there he can see Gauri sitting by the edge of the pool kicking the water. CHING! CHING!

Om sits beside her and puts his feet in the water.

O: It is beautiful right? (Looking at the reflection of the moon in the water)

G: Yes the reflection is beautiful but the reality is that it is that it is not real. (SHE looks up at the moon) it is so far away that you cannot reach it. My entire life is like that.

O: You think that it is beautiful but it is filled with problems. (Om takes his gaze off the moon and looks at her) Gauri I have been in the same situation before and you can say that I am in the same situation right now. When you think something is ugly but it turns out to be beautiful. It works both ways.

Gauri looks down at her anklets.

G: Whoever bought this really knows me well. These anklets are small accessories but….

O: really loud. I know (Thinking) that’s why I bought it for you.

G: are they annoying You?

O: No I love the sound. (Smiling) it’s actually kinda of nice though. It’s more of an alarm. The Gauri tsunami is coming. Run away before she gets you.

G:Omkaraji… that’s not funny

O: Gauri, I need to ask you something.

G: Yes go ahead.

O: Do you like them? If you are wearing it because it is a gift then we can exchange it.

G:I love them. I will never let you exchange it. After all he bought it for me with consideration so how can I say no? He knows what it is best for me.

O(Thinking): She is probably referring to Shivaye.

Om takes the plastic bag from his pocket. He empties the bag and inside there was a cream. Gauri looks at it curiously.

O: This is to get rid of scars. If you put it on the scar on your leg it will be gone in a few weeks.

Gauri smiles and takes the feet out of the water. She rotates herself so that her feet faces Om and the anklets beam in the light.

O: Here you go, Gauri. Put it on.

Gauri shakes her head and refuses.

G: Can you put it on for me?

O: How can I?

G:Well if you can secretly put on the anklets without me knowing then you can definitely put this on for me

O: You knew that I bought it for you.

Gauri nods and Om smiles like a little kid.

G(thinking) I wanted you to tell me that you bought it for me but my emotions cheated on me.

G: Also, every single time I look at, all the things happened in Bareilly comes back to me. I try to forget it but sometimes I cannot.

O:Forget everything?? (Thinking) Even our marriage?

G: Well not everything. I grew up there. (Thinking) How can I forgot our first meeting? How we saved each other? Our marriage?

Om applies the ointment to the scar and Gauri looks away with tears in her eyes.

O: You miss your mother??

Gauri nods.

O: I will call her tomorrow and she can stay here as long as you want.

G: Don’t. She thinks I am living here and I am happy. I do not want to break her bubble. I will manage.

O(Thinking): Gauri, you are not happy here? I… thought you were happy here… with me.

Om taps on his lap. Gauri looks at him.

O: I know that I cannot be your mother but at least I can console you as a friend.

Gauri lies on his lap and starts to cry. Om continues to stroke her hair.

O: Gauri, whenever you need anyone even if you want a person to cry and listen, I am here for you. Just tell me what you need.

G: All I need is You, Omkaraji…

This just keeps on echoing in his ear and he smiles just thinking about it.

O: But as what… Gauri… a friend… or a husband. I can be your friend but as a husband… I am not sure. I am scared that I will not be able to meet your expectations and our relationship might break. I would rather have you close so I can watch you… protect you instead of in a broken marriage. My heart will break but before I make that decision, I need to know your feelings and you need to tell me. I know you are shy, Gauri and I am too. But we need to speak. Annika is right… we can’t play hide and seek all the time. You will have to find me to finish the game. So Gauri… tell me.

Om looks down and Gauri is sleeping.

O: Why does this always happens to me? Just when I want to express my feelings she is sleeping.

Om lifts Gauri and takes her to his room. He places her on the bed and goes to recliner but then quickly turns around

Flashback: Gauri said that:
G:I love them. I will never let you exchange it. After all he bought it for me with consideration so how can I say no? He knows what it is best for me.

O: She knew that I bought it so she was referring to me all this time. She… has feelings for me… She trusts me…

Om gets up and sit beside her.

O: Gauri Kumari Sharma, I am not sure what the next stage of this relationship is but whatever it Is, I will make sure that I keep you happy for the rest of your life. Even if it means losing myself… My identity

Om holds her hand and slowly falls asleep. It ends with both of them sleeping on the bed holding their hands.

That is it guys… I know it was so far get her but hope you liked it. I do have a few more crazy ideas which I will start writing later. Bye for now!

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