Ishqbaaz – Rikara Present 6

Om looks at her and she is sleeping. With Gauri still in his lap, he reaches forward and gets the anklets. He holds them in his hand and brings it close to his face.

O: Gauri, I am so sorry. I never knew he did this to you and how much this affected you. You are scared that I will leave you so that is why you are avoiding me. I thought that you wanted some space and I just made it worse for you. (Crying) Why do not you tell me your problems? I am here for you but you do not realize that. (He touches her scar.) Gauri, these physical scars can fade but the emotional scars will take some time. I have promised you that I will stay by your side but now I promise you that together I will hold your hand and eliminate all these emotional scars. I am not going to go around and beg for forgiveness. Instead my actions will make you forgive me. I will give this to you when the time is right.

He places the anklets in the drawer and continues to stroke her head. Om falls asleep in that position with Gauri in his lap.

Om wakes up and finds Gauri sleeping in the floor, shivering. He quickly picks up Gauri and places her on the bed. He later takes multiple bed sheets and puts it on her. Once he realizes that she stopped shivering, he gets ready and heads to his studio.

Om goes inside the house with a plastic bag and as soon as he walks in, he hears NO! …


Gauri uses him as a shield and stands behind him with her hands on the shoulder.

G: Omkaraji, please help me…

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