Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Part 8

O: Tell me what happened, Myrah.

M: A truck came… and it…. it… it

O: It’s okay. Myrah, calm down. If your brother sees you like this, he is going to get emotional and this is going to have a negative impact on his health. Just take deep breaths and everything is going to be fine.

Om arrives at the hospital.

O: Myrah, stay here. I am going to get the doctor. Nothing is going to happen to him. He will be fine.

Om runs inside and a doctor comes.

O: Doctor… I need you… I need a stretcher… There is a car accident victim


Om turns around instantly as he knew who was screaming that loud and slowly he realizes the reason behind that scream.

The doctor and Om run towards the entrance. There, they see Myrah in the back seat with the back car door ope holding Dandi’ s hand. Suddenly, with fear on her face, she drops his hand. As she moves back, she falls out of the car and scratch her hands.

M: Bhaiyya… Dandi bhaiyya… how could you leave me? You made me feel like I am your part of your family but again…

O: Myrah…

M(turns toward Om and struggles to get up): Om, where are you?

Om runs to Myrah and holds her shoulder. Myrah quickly hugs Om.

M(crying): Bhaiyya… He… is… dead.

The doctor runs to the back seat and nods.

Doctor: He has been dead for the past 30 minutes. We need to get him ready for post-mortem.

Om picks up Myrah and takes her inside. He makes her sit down and calls a nurse to tend her wounds.

M: You know, Om, if I would have sat in the back and talked to him… kept him on my lap… he would have been alive.

O: Myrah, you know that is not true. Please try to understand.

M: No… you do not understand. If I was not there… He would have been alive. I killed him (Bursts crying)

O: What do you mean? You said…

M: It was me who was supposed to doe not bhaiyya. I begged him to take me out to explore the world but I did not see a truck coming… see… I am so stupid. (Tears rolling down her face) How can I use the word see if I can not even see with my own eyes? He pulled me out of the way and sacrificed his life for me… He did it for me.

Myrah gets up and walks away from Om.

O: Myrah?

M (Her back against the wall): Get away from me, Omkara Singh Oberoi. I do not need your help.

O: Myrah, I understand your pain.

M: I do not need anyone’s sympathy. Get away from me. I do not need anyone.

Om walks towards Myrah and stands in front of her. He can see her crying.

O: Myrah, I know that you are not stupid and you know why I am here. But before I leave, I need to tell you something

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