Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Part 7

The next day

Om was driving his car to the park to meet Myrah.

O(Thinking): I am so glad that she gave me her number but I do not want to constantly bother her and give the wrong intention. We are just friends, that is it. I will never commit myself to marriage… Gauri

He remembers Gauri calling her name and following him after falling off the train and into a lake.

O(Thinking): I wonder what she is doing… Probably destroying another house… Why did I even marry her? I could have just beat them up and ran away with her to the station. Then, I would get a train ticket for her and we would have separated way. What if she comes back to Mumbai? What if she comes back to the Oberoi mansion to claim her “wife” position. Oh god… not only I have to explain to her that she does not even belong in my life but also explain to my entire family how we got “married”. I hope they understand my perspective and not accept her.

All the cars honking behind him.

O: Why are these cars even honking? I am also stuck in the same traffic jam as them.

Om gets out of the car for some fresh air.


Om turns around at the sound.

O(thinking): That sounds like Myrah. Please let it not be Myrah. She already lost a lot.

Om runs towards the scream and there she was, Myrah. Covered in blood. Her brother’s blood.

M: Please help my brother. He needs to go to the hospital.

People circle around her and call for am ambulance and Om runs towards that circle. A gust of wind suddenly comes and Myrah’s niqab opens up revealing her face. Om instantly stand there in shock.

O: Myrah is an acid victim…

Her face was covered in scars with her noses completely destroyed. She did not have any eyes as it was closed shit. Her lips grey and not the typical pink colour that you would expect.

Man: She… Her face..

Everyone else freeze and forget about her dying brother.

Gauri continues to wail but she can feel their stares. She quickly takes her now and covers her face. And they just stand there. Om looks at everyone in disgust and runs to Myrah.

O: Myrah, this is Om.

M: Om… my brother

O: Gauri, there’s no time to explain.

Om ran to his car and quickly weaved through the traffic. The people were nice enough to let him through as they saw his shirt covered in blood. Dandi was breathing as Om picked him up. But as he brought him to the car, all of sudden, his hand fell and he stopped breathing.

O(thinking): Is he dead?… No he can’t be. He probably is unconscious. I hope he is. Myrah should not know about this at all or she will start to panic.

Om puts Dandi in the back.

O: Myrah, sit in the front.

M: No, let me sit with my brother.

O: Listen to me. I need you to tell me everything that happened so I can tell the doctor clearly. Sit in the front.

Myrah sits in the front.

M: Om, I trust you. Please help him.

O(thinking) Sorry for lying to tell you but the truth is that if you start to panic, then I will too. I hope you understand.

Om turns around and looks at Dandi. Then he starts the car and heads to the hospital

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  1. Dinu

    Plz don’t kill dandi.n did om recognized dat myrah is gauri?

    Dear Hope
    Don’t Kil Dandi Character?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Hope95

      Dandi will die so that Rikara can get closer

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is sad for guari and dandi

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