Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Part 5

Myrah is walking to the park exit.

The entire part is based on Myrah only.

Myrah(thinking): Myrah? Such an interesting name. The world knows me of Myrah but only my bhaiyya and I know the true me. My name is not Myrah but actually people call me GKS. Gauri Kumari Sharma. I am from Bareilly and was a girl filled with sunshine and radiating happiness unless I met him. Kali Thakur. He wanted to keep me as his mistress but then Omkara came and saved me from his hands. He was a nice guy, a true gentleman but a man who did not believe in marriage and true love. I do not blame him. Who would accept a girl as your wife without even knowing him properly? And I was not the type of girl who will force myself on someone just because we are tied together by a mangalsultra. He left me and I thought I was free so I happily headed to the railway station to start my life. A new beginning to my life. To Gauri Kumari Sharma’s life.

At the railway station

Gauri steps into the train when she gets pulled back by someone. He pushes her back and she falls on the floor. Gauri looks up and instantly crawls back in fear. It was Kali.

K: How dare you run away from me and get married to that boy? I heard he left you. Do not worry. I am not here to take you back but instead I will give you something that will never forget in your life. After all you are married and even I have some standards.

Kali goes closer to her and takes out a bottle. He opens the bottle and pours it on her face. Gauri withers in pain and feels her entire face burning.

K: Now not even your own husband will recognize you when you go to him. Before you were pretty orphan but now a disgusting piece of thrash and no one will help you.

Kali looks around.

K: If anyone helps her, I will hunt them down like a dog and kill them. And them I will kill her. DO YOU ALL UNDERSTAND?

The crowd circles her while Gauri screams in pain.

G: Please help me. It burns. I cannot take it anymore.

The train starts to leave. All of sudden, a man runs out and goes to her. He helps her up and both of them climb on the train.

G: Sir, it is burning. Please help me.

Man: Please calm down. I will take you to the hospital once we reach the next stop which will be in another 5 minutes. If I would have taken you to the hospital in Bareilly he would have killed you. Do not worry, I am here for you.

G: Bhaiyya…

Gauri passes out.

M: My sister, I am here for you. Your Dandi bhaiyya is here for you.

A few days later…

Gauri POV

I wake up and all I see is darkness. I cannot see the sunlight. The last thing that is etched into my memory is falling into the hands of my bhaiyya. I scream in fear but then I put my hands in my face. It is not smooth and flawless as before. It was full of bumps and wounds. I scream in shock. Not only I lost my sight but also my face. Over time, I had no choice but to get used to. Even though I am blind, I can feel people’s gaze on me as an acid attack victim. People talking behind my back that I probably played with men’s feelings and they decided to do this out of vengance. But no one knows the truth. I started to wear a hijab to cover my entire face but then people started asking how a Muslim girl can have a Hindu name. They were right. Gauri is not a Hindu’ s god name so I decided to change my name to Myrah. Because of one small incident, I not only lost my sight but i lost my identity, my confidence and my happiness. As for Omkara, I just hope I do not meet him again as I do not want him to feel guilty. The man I met today, his name is Omkara but it cannot be the same Omkara. That Omkara is filled with arrogance while this one is so compassionate. The only similarity they have is that they do not believe in love.

Note: I am not sure what the response of this will be as it is an acid attack. But I wanted to write something different with a social cause. Whatever feedback I get, I will happily accept it.

Also Gauri knows him as Omkara/Om but not Omkara Singh Oberoi and has not talked to anyone of his family members

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    Dear Hope
    Gauri Story How She Become Myrah? Feel Sad For Her? It’s Interesting Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  2. Completely different story… Gud… but feeling sad for Gauri.

  3. Dinu

    Poor gauri! Feeling really bad 4 will om feel when he get 2 know about her.hope he will get her eye sight back n bring her back 2 normal. Such a unique story line.loved it.plz post d nxt epi soon dr.bye tc

  4. awesome…really awesome,,,such an emotionel part…poor gauri !!!!!

  5. Nikita_jai29

    Again another twist with logical reason… Good update….

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