Ishqbaaz – Rikara Heartbroken Chapter 9

D: Gauri?

G: I want him to be in my life. Ever since a little kid, I have always carried other people’s weight on my shoulder. But, I want someone to carry me like I am their prized possession.

D: What about the sirf bahu??

G: I went back to the mansion just as a bahu but I lost my heart to him. You know when he fought the goons and protected me, I saw him as my shield. I innocently offered to help him practice for Dangal, we accidentally fell on the floor and laughed our hearts out, I saw him as my friend. When he ran to me as I woke up, I saw the care in his eyes. Even though he was injured, he ran into the fire and saved me. I saw his willingness to sacrifice anything for the people he cares about. He even said that I was part of his family. And finally, when I opened my eyes and saw him giving me water, I saw the worry in his eyes. I never had someone who cared about me this much and I want him by my side. But, now I realized that I am wrong. He did not even full heartedly accept our marriage at Bareilly. I thought I am his inspiration but now I can see that I WAS his inspiration. He has moved on and now I need to move on as well.

Gauri puts her hand on her mangalsultra and was about to pull off but, then takes her hand off and continues to cry.

G: I cannot do it. I just cannot do it…. Bhaiyya, please help me. I just want to scream and cry.

D: Then, scream and cry, Gauri. From now on, do whatever you want to do. I will be by your side.

Dandi gets her a glass of water and slowly feeds her and side hugs her.

There was a knock on the door and Gauri and Dandi turn around. It was Omkara.

G: Omkaraji??

O: Gauri, why are you crying? How did you hurt?

G: I fell.

O: I fixed everything. Didn’t you see it on TV?

D: She did, why are you here?

O: Well, Shivaye kicked me out of the house after I insulted you.

G: What? (Gauri gets up) Bade Bhaiyya kicked you out of the house? Let’s go talk to him. I know how much you care about your brothers and I cannot see you in pain.

Female Saathiya plays.

O: I will talk to him later. I did not go where to go so I came to Dandi’s house asking if I can stay here.

G: But, you have all the money in the world to buy a house or rent a room. Why come here?

O: Why.. you do not want me to stay here? Why are you being so hostile to your friend?

G: Omkaraji… I do not care where you stay. But, as your friend… I have the right of asking you right??

O: Yes, you do. I can do that but I will be so lonely. Dandi and I became great friends so I thought that I can come here. Are you okay with that?

D: Uhhh… (Looking at Gauri and then Om) When a friend asks, I cannot say no. If Gauri is okay with it, I am okay as well.

G: I do not care at all. Omkaraji, you are welcomed to stay here.

Gauri heads to her room and closes the door really hard. Om goes to his room and closes his room. Dandi is in the living room.

D(Thinking): Good thing, Om contacted me.


Dandi’s phone rings and he picks it up.

O: Dandi, this is Om. I need to talk to you. Gauri left me and I need to know where she is.

D: What do you mean she left Om? I told you that she is innocent. Why are you playing games with her life?

Om tells him everything that happens.

D: Oh… so this is all a major misunderstanding. That is why she is not saying anything to me.

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