Ishqbaaz – Rikara Heartbroken Chapter 8

Gauri finishes eating and lies on the bed.

G(Thinking, crying): How am I going to forget him? He was the first man that I was close to. I want to cherish those memories but it is making me cry all the time.

O: I want to tell you all something.

Gauri gets up.

G: Omkaraji??

O: I have made a big mistake today.

Gauri runs out of the room.

O: And, I need to apologize to that person.

The sound was coming from the living room and she runs there. She looks around but she does not see Om. All she sees is Dandi looking at the TV. She turns around and it was Om talking to the reporters.

O: Today, I hosted an art exhibition and there a girl came. Some of paintings were based on her but you reporters made ridiculous rumours and called her my… I do not even want to say that word. I just am here to tell you that she is my best friend… and only that. She is the type of friend who is willing to risk her life for her friend… (Flashback to when Gauri saved Om from Balram and the goons in the hospital)… A person that puts her friend’s family’s first (Flasback to when Om stabbed Chulbul and saved Jhanvi’s life)… A person that always makes her friend happy whenever he is sad… (Flashback to Chulkara’s hug)… And, I cannot believe that society has disgraced such a divine friendship. Just because a man and a woman are together as friend, it does not mean love. So, please, I am asking all of you to stop making these rumours as a girl’s dignity is one the line. (Harshly saying this) And finally, I expect an apology from all new channels or you will legally face me.

Om ends his speech and the reporters put their hand up for questions.

O: Now, I have to fix the problem that you guys have created so your questions can wait until they are solved.

Om walks away. The Oberoi family was looking at this as well.

R: What is he doing? Calling Chulbul Bhabhi as his friend…

S: This can be good or bad. Either, their relationship will start with their past friendship or Gauri will just treat him as a friend and move on. Om, what are you thinking?

Gauri stares at the TV and one by one, tears fall from her eyes.

D: Gauri??

She continues to stare at the TV even though there were commercials on it.

D: Gauri?? Isn’t this what you wanted? Now you know that you are Omkaraji’s friend. That is it so now you can easily move on.

Gauri just falls on the floors and wails.

D: I do not understand.

G: I do not want to be his friend, Bhaiyya….

Dandi looks at her with concern.

G: I WANT TO BE HIS WIFE… I love him… I love Omkaraji…

Female Saathiya plays.

D: Gauri?

G: I want him to be in my life. Ever since a little kid, I have always carried other people’s weight on my shoulder. But, I want someone to carry me like I am their prized possession.

D: What about the sirf bahu??

G: I went back to the mansion just as a bahu but I lost my heart to him…

Gauri puts her hand on her mangalsultra and was about to pull off but, then takes her hand off and continues to cry.

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