Ishqbaaz – Rikara Heartbroken Chapter 14

Om wakes up and heads to the kitchen to make his own tea.

O: How can I ask Gauri for tea? She is not even in the mood to talking to me so it is better that I make it. God, Omkara, you need to learn how to make some good tea not the crap that you made before. (He starts to laugh.) Maybe, I can ask Gauri’s internet chachi for help. Things Google can do for you.

Om enters the kitchen and finds Gauri already there. Her hair was really messy and she did not wear any make up. She looked a cute doll but even a doll needed this accessory: A smile. Om smiles at her but Gauri weakly smiles back.

O:Uh… Gauri… I came here to make some tea.

G: I already made some for Dandi Bhaiyya and made more than I need to so you can take this. (Thinking) Omkaraji, I know that you need your tea so I made some for you as well but I cannot show you that I care about you.

Om looks at the cup of tea in front of him and Gauri notices it.

G: Sorry, but we do not have marble cups and saucers here. All we have are these metal cups.

O: I do not care about the material of the cup. It is just that it is metal so it will be very hot to hold it. How do I hold it and not burn myself?

Gauri picks up the cup from the rim and Om instantly screams at her.

O: ARE YOU CRAZY? It is so hot and you are picking it up. Let it cool down for a while.

G: I am used to burns, Om. They do not hurt anymore.

Om looks at her with guilt. (Thinking) She is probably referring to me.

Gauri notices his face changing and realizes what she said.

G: I was referring to the cooking burns not emotional, Omkaraji.

Om looks up as after all this time, this is the first time she called him Omkaraji. (Thinking): At least, she is willing to say my name, that is a good sign.

Om takes a sip of the tea and then gives a disgusted look.

G: Omkaraji, what is wrong? I put sugar, milk and tea powder in it. It should taste like the tea that you always want.

O: Yh, but it is missing one key ingredient…Glucose biscuit (He says that Gauri’s way)

Gauri starts to laugh. G: Why are you saying it wrong? (Sadly) With my… bad English, it makes sense to say it wrong but you are an educated person. Do not make these mistakes, Omkaraji or people will make fun of you.

O: But, I like it when you say it like that. It sound so cute. It is so different. Glucose biscuits. (Om starts to laugh.)

Gauri takes the biscuit from the pack and crumbles it in. She mixes it in.

G: There, that would be better.

O: Wait…

G: Omkaraji, what is missing now? I put the biscuit in. Do you expect me to feed you?

Gauri remembers the time when she gave tea to Omkara just because Svetlana was there.

O: That would be nice but as your friend, I need to teach you how to make it properly. Do you have more tea?

Gauri nods.

O: What about the biscuits?

Gauri takes the biscuit package and it was empty.

G: I put the last one in. How are you going to make it now?

O: I will be right back. Stay here.

Omkara goes to his room and brings a tin.

O: Open up…

G: I will show you so from now on, you can make it by yourself.

Gauri shows him each process and then Om puts a spoon of the powder in the boiling milk.

O: There, tea is done.

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