Ishqbaaz – Rikara Heartbroken Chapter 11

Om closes the room and throws his bag on the bed. His face, which was calm and collected, quickly changes into bewilderment. He slowly leans on the wall and sits on the floor with the mirror in front of him. His eyes red.

O: Gauri… loves me.


Om parks the car on the street and with his bags in his hands, walks to Dandi’s house. He can hear the last words of the telecast and glad that Gauri heard everything before he walked in. To see her reactions, he looks through the window and witnesses everything.

G: I do not want to be his friend, Bhaiyya…. G: I WANT TO BE HIS WIFE… I love him… I love Omkaraji…

Om quickly drops his bags and listen to everything.

O(Thinking): I misunderstood her. I was respecting her and giving her space to adjust but she mistook that gesture and thought that I was not interested in her.

Flashback ends

O: What is love? I have always told Shivaye in the past that love is a divine feeling but in my life, the word divine is such an overstatement.

Om recalls a childhood memory where Tej gifts Jhanvi a pair of earrings. In return, Jhanvi hugged Tej and said I love you, Tej. I am so glad that you are my husband. I love you too, Jhanvi. Little Omkara grins seeing their parent’s love.

But, then he remembers the time when Tej decides to side with Svetlana and kill his mother. She was crying that Tej has decided to move on.

O: Both, my parents said that they love each other but now they are separated (They are separated according to this FF.)

Then he remembers the time when Riddhima and Om decides to live in together and Riddhima saying I love you to Om and both of them hugging. But, then it goes to the time when Om furiously kicked Riddhima out of the house for working with his father.

O: She said I love you just so she can use my name to create a better self image. She never loved me but instead love my last name.

Finally, Om remembers the time sitting beside Ishana, listening to her worries and considering her as a friend. And, then back to the confrontation scene, with Om and his brothers faced off with her.

O: Ishana used my friendship to con me. She just wanted my wealth. But, what did Gauri do for me? She stayed by my side, she saved my life and my loved ones’ lives, she put up with several people to be with me and finally, she took several blows to her self-respect and she decided to back me up until I shattered her. But, even though she did all of this, why did she not use the three words (I LOVE YOU) to corner me? Everyone else would use love to take advantage of the other person but Gauri has not even declared her love to me and showed me several times that she is willing to stand by me, shoulder to shoulder. That is until now, when I pushed her down so hard that she has difficulty getting up.

Om gets up and looks at him in the mirror.

O: Do I love Gauri???

All the memories of him and Gauri are shown. The time where she has lied and manipulated to him several times to the times where she laughed with him and helped him out.

O: I…do…not…know.

Om heads out of his room and sees Dandi watching television.

O: I need to talk to Gauri, where is she?

D: In her room (Pointing to the door that was closed but now fully closed.)

Om walks towards it and knocks but she does not respond.

O: Gauri??

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