Ishqbaaz – Rikara Heartbroken Chapter 10


Dandi’s phone rings and he picks it up.

O: Dandi, this is Om. I need to talk to you. Gauri left me and I need to know where she is.

D: What do you mean she left Om? I told you that she is innocent. Why are you playing games with her life?

Om tells him everything that happens.

D: Oh… so this is all a major misunderstanding. That is why she is not saying anything to me.

O: Gauri is here??

D: Yes and she is broken. She has not eaten anything and she is in depression. I do not what to do.

O: Can I ask you a favour?

D: Om, tell me what you need.

O: Can I stay in your house for a while? I need some time to talk to her and clear everything out. She will not come to my house so I will come to yours.

D: But, Om… this is a small house…

O: I will pay you rent

D: Om, money is not the problem. We both care about Gauri, it is just that this house is not the Oberoi mansion.

O: I never cared about all these luxuries. I was born with it but I was never dependent on it. Dandi, I enjoy the common life. Travelling on a train, wearing normal clothes, not the suits Shivaye wears. This is not a problem for me at all. So, I will be there in an hour or so.

D: Sure. I will set up a room for you.

O: Don’t. Gauri is smart and she will think that you are helping me. Then, she will just leave and that will be a huge problem for us. Also, one more thing…

D: Yes, Om

O: Can you get her something to eat? She is very stubborn sometimes so use that to your advantage.

D: Om, she is my friend. I will take care of her.

O(Thinking): Gauri should not know the truth behind the reason why I left.

Om with all his bags packed come downstairs. Shivaye and Rudra follow him.

D: Where are you going?

S: He is leaving us.

D:What? Why?

O: I found Gauri but I know that she will never come back here. I need to go back where she is and persuade her to come back. This is the only way to apologize to her.

D: Good decision but why are you taking your bags? Visit her daily and come back home.

O: Dadi… I will not be coming back home until Gauri comes back. I want her to trust me as her friend and this is the only way.

He turns to Shivaye and Rudra.

O: I am going to lie to Gauri that you guys kicked me out of this house. Gauri should never know the truth. Please, Shivaye and Rudra, I want you to promise on our brotherly relationship.

S: For your happiness, we can temporarily make this sacrifice.

Om puts his hand out and Rudra and Shivaye makes the promise.)

R (Still holding each other’s hands): But, in return, you should make a promise.

O: What, Rudra?

R: Next time you come inside this house, Chulbul Bhabhi and you should come inside holding hands.

O: For sure, Rudra. I will bring Gauri back.

Om leaves the house.

R: I do not think he understood what I meant. I meant that they should come back as husband and wife.

S: Only time can tell.

Flashback ends.

Gauri in her room:

G(Thinking): So, now that Om has decided that I am his friend, I will just be his friend. He will find someone in his life and as soon as that happens, I will slowly disappear from his so at least he can be happy.

Om closes the room and throws his bag on the bed. His face, which was calm and collected, quickly changes into bewilderment. He slowly leans on the wall and sits on the floor with the mirror in front of him…

Om recalls a childhood memory where Tej gifts Jhanvi a pair of earrings. In return, Jhanvi hugged Tej and said I love you, Tej. I am so glad that you are my husband. I love you too, Jhanvi. Little Omkara grins seeing their parent’s love.

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