Ishqbaaz – Rikara Heartbroen Chapter 15

Omkara goes to his room and brings a tin.

O: Open up.

Gauri opens it and it was grounded glucose biscuits.

G: Omkaraji (laughing) why did you grind the biscuits?

O: Just like how Rudra needs to have protein shake everday, I need to have my tea with glucose biscuit powder. But, the only problem I cannot make perfect tea so I need someone to make that so I can add this powder.

G: I will show you so from now on, you can make it by yourself.

Gauri shows him each process and then Om puts a spoon of the powder in the boiling milk.

O: There, tea is done.

G: So, from now on, you can make it by yourself. You do not need to depend on me.

O: What, you cannot do that. Gauri, I need you.

Male Saathiya plays and they look at each other. They break away from the eye lock.

G: I have just one question. When I bring your tea, I do not put this in so how do you drink it if you do not like it? Why did you not tell me this before?

O: I have this in my room as well so as soon as you left, I would mix some in. I did not want to bother you.

G: You were never bothering me as I whole heartedly helped you. Omkaraji, next time if you want me to do something, even something trivial like making tea (Smiles), just ask me. After all, I am your friend and if a friend cannot even do this, then there is no point of this friendship.

Om smile and drinks another tea.

G: But, one condition, though, you cannot call me Chulbul. Only Gauri…

O: Why? I liked Chulbul though…

G: What? You liked Chulbul…

O: Gauri… I mean the name, okay?? Can I call you Bulbul at least?

G: Fine, only at home though.

Taking his tea, he sits on the sofa.

O(Thinking): Gauri has finally accepted that we are friends but she still feels insecure about her education. Now, what do I do?

Om’s face light up and he heads out to get some tasks done

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