Ishqbaaz – Rikara Fire Accident Chapter 10

A: Guys, I just realized something. If Gauri and Om has to fill out a questionnaire regarding their relationship status, the person who creates the questionnaire has to add another option just for them.

S: What option?

A: My relationship status: Complicated..

They all break down laughing.

A: What? Is it true? We all saw how they cared for one another but they are not even saying a word about their feelings.

D: Just give me them some time, Annika.

A: I am so tired of giving them some time. I want to play cupid again.

S: No more playing cupid from no one. Our game lead to this so from now on, they will decide where they want to take this.

Inside the hospital room…

O: Gauri, I am sorry for saying that I am your husband. You were dying in my hands and I had to say that in order to save you.

G: So, you did not say it because you meant it right?

Om does not respond. Gauri turns her hand and wipes her tears,

O(Thinking): There is a reason why I am doing this and slowly you will understand.

In a few hours, both Om and Gauri were discharged from the hospital. Shivaye and Annika was helping Gauri and Rudra and Bhavya was helping Om. Shivaye, Annika, Om and Gauri sat in one car and Rudra, Bhavya and Dadi in another car. Gauri was holding the murti and smiling at it.

G: Isn’t this so pretty?

O(Looking at Gauri): Yes, Gauri.

O: Shivaye, we need to go somewhere before we get home? Can we go the place please?

S: For sure, Om…

Shivaye stops the car in front of the temple and Om and Gauri carefully get out.

G: Wow, this is a pretty Shiv temple.

O: Gauri, you said that you wanted to visit this temple so that is why I thought we can go to this before we leave.

G: I did… when?

O: You do not remember?? (Thinking) She was not even aware of it this but I need to go with the flow.

G: I probably forgot because of the head injury. Omkaraji, did I forget anything else? You should tell me later what happened?

O: Nothing important…

The two couples look at Om thinking Om, you should probably confess all your feelings to Gauri. But, Om just ignores them and heads towards the step.

O: How are we going to climb these steps? Gauri is hurt and I am in no state to carrying her.

R: Om, there is a way to bring the car closer to the temple. These stairs are only used if you want to fulfill something. Then, you would climb it.

O: What? Why isn’t there a sign here? Or… I would not have climbed…

G: Climbed? Omkaraji, you climbed these stairs.

O: No Gauri.. I mean I would not have assumed that we had to climb the stairs.

Gauri looked really confused but she was just not in the mood to continue any further.

They get back into the car.

O(Thinking): So, maybe that is why Gauri came back to me. I was climbing these stairs so I can pray to save Gauri. Thank you, Shankerji.

They come closer to the temple and leave the car. Annika, Bhavya and Gauri are together and the Obros are together.

O: I have a question. Why did not you guys tell me when you came to get me that there is another way to get here?

S: We never knew that there was this way. We also climbed the stairs.

O: But, you guys did see me injured right so you could have brought the car back up and took me to the hospital.

R: Well, you went first towards the stairs so we followed you. Sorry, Om.

O: But, how did you find me?

R: We used the GPS tracker. Can you stop asking stupid questions and go inside.

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