Ishqbaaz – Rikara Fire Accident 11 – Last Chapter

O(Thinking): So, maybe that is why Gauri came back to me. I was climbing these stairs so I can pray to save Gauri. Thank you, Shankerji.

They come closer to the temple and leave the car. Annika, Bhavya and Gauri are together and the Obros are together.

O: I have a question. Why did not you guys tell me when you came to get me that there is another way to get here?

S: We never knew that there was this way. We also climbed the stairs.

O: But, you guys did see me injured right so you could have brought the car back up and took me to the hospital.

R: Well, you went first towards the stairs so we followed you. Sorry, Om.

O: But, how did you find me?

R: We used the GPS tracker. Can you stop asking stupid questions and go inside.

Shivika, Ruvya, Dadi and Rikara were standing together. Omkara was standing there while everyone else was praying. After he saw everyone’s eyes closed, he also brought his hands back together and started praying.

O(Thinking) So, Shiv and Parvati, I said that we have some unfinished business. So, I want to make a proposal to you. After her mother, Gauri has treated you two as her parents so I would like to ask her hand in marriage. I should ask her mother but she would just get confused as she thinks we are living together as husband and wife. With you as my witness:

I promise that I will walk together with Gauri side by side.

I promise that together we will have a healthy and prosperous life.

I promise that I will be her strength so she can share her happiness and pain with me.

I promise that I will not only love her but respect her for who she is.

I promise that I will not only be a good husband but also a good father to her… I mean… our kids.

I promise that I will live a peaceful life with her.

And finally…

I promise that I will be loyal to her and become her pillar. Not only as a husband, I will also be her friend and support her throughout her life.

I know that I have not done this in the past but I promise to you that I will keep all these seven promises and make sure that my entire life revolves around her. At first, I thought that I had an useless stone beside me but after keeping it for a long time and cleaning all the garbage on it, I realize that the stone was not something that can be tossed away, but instead of diamond. A diamond that I should keep close to my heart. I would tell Gauri all this, but right now, she treats me like her husband and is giving me respect but not love. I want her love to come out and want to remarry her again as her lover and friend instead of her husband. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Even I am confused on how I am going to do this, but I know that I can transform that respect into love. And, Shankerji and Parvatiji, I need your guidance. Please help me.

Om opens his eyes and everyone is looking at him in shock especially Gauri. Her eyes look like it is ready to fall out of her sockets.

O: Uh.. what is wrong?

Using her eyes as a pointer, she looks at his hands. Om looks at his hand and he was praying.

O: So what???

G: So what?? I am so surprised that you are willingly praying. Before you would only pray if Chulbul…

O: You mean, Gauri.. you should say Chulbul was your disguise but your true name is Gauri.

G: I ask you to pray. But, now, without anyone asking you, you are praying. WOW, what else happened when I was unconscious.

O: Gauri…

S,A,R,B: Shut up!!

Gauri looks at Rudra.

R: We knew he was going to say that so we finished the sentence for him.

O: You guys are so unbelievable.

He turns around and walks away but then turns back towards the god.

O: I hope you fulfill my wish. When she accepts, I promise that I will bring her back here as my wife and friend.

Om, then looks at Gauri who was smiling. But, it was a different type of smile. She was smiling because she was truly happy. Satisfied.

Om smiles back and goes back to the car.

And, these two love birds journey did continue. After several hardships, Gauri realized that she was using as the Sirf Bahu cover to stay with Om. Not because she respects him for saving her life, but because she loves him. And, together, with huge smiles on their faces, Om took the seven promises with her. After the marriage, Om took Gauri to the same temple and in bridal style carried her up all the stairs to get the blessing of their Shankerji and Parvatiji. As their anniversary tradition, they would come every year except for their second anniversary as Gauri was pregnant with twins (A little Omkara and Gauri). So for their safety Om took them using the shortcut.

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