Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 29-37


The entire mansion was decorated with Om running around the house making sure everything was perfect.

Om gets a call and it was the private investigator.

PI: Hello sir. The girl that you told me, she is currently in the same city. My sources told me that Kali did try to catch her but she successfully escaped.

O: So, she is fine…

PI: Based on my sources, yes. But it will take some time to find her. She has changed her name and identity.

The pi hangs up.

O(thinking): So she has changed her name. Could it be… Myrah? Nah, that is not possible. The PI said that she escaped and did not even talk about the acid attack. Myrah can not be Gauri Kumari Sharma.

Om remembers the time when Gauri says Sarma. He smiles and continues to do his work.

The entire family was ready and media was there.

O: Where is Gauri and Annika Bhabhi?

J: It’s Gauri’s first time wearing a Saree suit so it is taking some time.

And then, both Annika and Gauri come down the stairs. Annika in a red and purple Saree while Gauri in a black and red Saree suit with a black niqab.

O(thinking): Without even showing her face, she is so beautiful.

S: Annika…. my wife is so beautiful.

Om snaps out of it and looks at them as they come down the stairs.

O(thinking): Why does she always remind me of her? She has the same poise… the same style…

Media: Who is this new girl? Could she be the newest bahu of the Oberoi family? Why were not informed that she married Omkara.

G(Thinking): Wife… Omkaraji’s wife…

The media circles around Gauri and she steps back.

O(Thinking): These people cannot know that Gauri is blind. I did not let her bring her stick so she can be more confident in front of people.

Om steps in front of her and holds her.

O: Hi. I would like you to introduce all of you to my friend, Gauri. She is not my wife and only… only a good friend.

As soon as he says that, they all disperse.

O: Sorry Gauri, but I could not give you full credit.

G: What do you mean?

O: I could not tell them that you were my inspiration for your artwork. If I told them, then they would start making random rumours and calling you my girlfriend and even worse… my wife. I cannot let that happen…

G: Even I cannot hear that… after all, I am already married.

O: What?? What did you say, Gauri?

G: I… I mean, I am going to get married later in the future. Both of us will get married in the future and we cannot have these rumours affect it.

Om remembers leaving Gauri and stands there. And, then he walks away.


Everyone gets together to open the room that will lead to Om’s new art piece. Media was surrounded the entire family and Dadi was given the scissor to cut the ribbon. She looks around. * the entire family was whispering when they had this conversation so media cannot hear them.

D: Where is She?

O: Who? Who are you looking for?

D: Who else? Your inspiration?

O: Gauri…

Annika brings Gauri to the front.

A: Here is your inspiration, Om.

D(thinking): The girl that completely changed Om. He is a different person just because of her. If only she can become Mrs. Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Dadi gives the scissor to Gauri.

D:It is only fair that you cut the ribbon.

G: No, I cannot. You are the oldest person in the family. He needs your blessings.

D: Om needs your friendship more than my blessings.

Gauri looks at the scissors and then Dadi. She takes Dadi’s hands and put it over hers.

G: Om needs both, your blessings and my friendship, so both of us should cut the ribbon.

Dadi smiles and together they cut the ribbon. The media and all the attendees walk in and come out amazed at Omkara’s piece.

Media: How did he think of this? His art before was just a visual piece but now it is an experience.

A: He is such a genius.

Even though everyone around him was praising but his eyes were on Gauri.

O(thinking): It is because of her I am getting all this praise. It should all go to her but she is so down to earth. She did not even want the recognition. The more she interacts with me, the more I understand her. Maybe I misunderstood that Gauri. Yes she was marrying another man as a mistress but what if she did not want to marry him.

Om remembers the time when Gauri runs away from the marriage.

O(thinking): Why would a girl run away from her marriage if she wanted to do it in the first place?

He remembers the time when Gauri tried to explain her situation to him.

O(thinking): What was she trying to say to me? Why was I so blinded by anger that I did not even pay attention to her?

All of sudden, he hears a thud. He runs to the place where he heard the noise and it was Gauri on the floor and her niqab revealing her face. Gauri touches her legs and rubs it in pain. And then, she looks up and sees people giving her weird looks.

G(thinking): No… no… this cannot be happening.


Gauri puts her hands on her face and realizes that her niqab is not covering her face.

Mediaperson: She is an acid attack victim.

Everyone swarms around her.

M1: Madam, can you please describe your attack?

M2: Was it because someone loved you and you rejected him? Did you cheat on him? Please tell us.

M3: How did you escape from him?

M4: Why did you not file a case?

M5: We understand that this is a traumatic experience for you but we need to know. Please answer all our questions.

Photographers continue to take pictures of her. But, Gauri looks down and continues to cry.

M6: Why are you at the Oberoi mansion?

Gauri instantly looks up and starts to look for Om.

G(thinking): Omkaraji please help me.

All of sudden, Om cuts between the crowd, takes all the cameras and throws on the floor. He stomps on them and it shatters into pieces.

M1: This is our personal property. You have no rights to break it.

Gauri quickly takes the niqab and covers her face. Om turns around and opens it up.

O: You are done hiding. And you (Turning to M1) This is her personal life and you have no rights to pry open her life.

M2: But the public has the right to know about these attacks.

O: Yes, they have the right to know but only if the victim… no… the girls want the entire world to know. If you want news, then write about the wars that are happening in other countries. There are so many stupid political issues that are happening so that will definitely increases your viewership. But, instead, all of you are attacking an innocent girl.

M3: Sir, we asked her… not you. Is She your wife… actually if she was your wife, the Oberoi family would have had a huge celebration so she has to be your girlfriend or… mistress.

Gauri gets up and runs up the stairs. She trips and falls and Om takes a step to help her but then she instantly gets up and goes to her room.

Om grabs the man’s collar.

O: One more word and I will rip that tongue out while videotaping the entire thing and post it on YouTube. And then you will be the newest sensation. DO YOU UNDERSTAND??

Shivaye comes in between and breaks the fight.

O(thinking): Mistress… So this is how Gauri would have felt when I called her characterless. She tried to explain just like I did with these fools. I am sorry, Gauri.

Saathiya plays.


O: I want all the footage and photographs destroyed now. I do not care if it was taken during the exhibition but everything should be given to me RIGHT NOW!

M4: But we took those photos.

O: But, you took photos of my family. I said NOW!

All the photographers place their equipment and notes on the floor. Then, Om takes a match and lights it on fire.

O: I need to destroy this to make sure nothing leaks out. I am sorry so please tell Khanna the total costs and I will compensate you the next day.

Om turns around and heads up the stairs. He turns around facing media.

O: BUT… If any of this information, more specifically about Gauri, I will hunt down that little ba****D and make sure that the entire company closes down. Then you do not have to worry about finding news because you will be too occupied searching for a job.

He heads up the stairs. He opens the door. The room was pitch dark and there Gauri was standing by the window, weeping.

G(thinking): Why does this always happen to me? Maybe if I did not….

O(thinking): No

Om runs up to Gauri, grabs her by her arm and pulls her away from the window. Gauri lands on the bed.

O: Are you crazy?

G: Crazy?…

O: How can you give up so easily? This is your life so you decide what to do. Who are they to influence your life?

G: Give up….

O: You were attempting to suicide. You were by the window and saying what if I did not…

G: Yh, what if I did not come to this house then the entire family would not have been embarrassed by me. You would happily introduced your artwork and celebrate it in the first place.

O: But then I would not have had a piece in the first place if you were not here.

G: Who said I was attempting to suicide? For all the pain that I faced in my life, I would have died a long time ago. My parents died, my… he left me (Flashback to Om leaving), the acid attack, my brother’s death… Do you know how much it hurts? Just when I start to forget the pain, something else happens and I fall deeper into that hall.

Om looks at her.


O(Thinking): Why was not she hear when I was in pain before? She would have persevered me and probably with her by my side, I would not have even been in that situation in the place.

O(Says) I know how it feels but now you have me to share your feelings. Next time, do not do anything stupid.

G: Stupid… (Laughing)

O(Thinking): It is nice to hear her laugh.

G: Let me show you what I was doing.

Gauri takes Om by his hands and takes him to the window. She opens and a breeze of fresh air just comes inside the room. She stands by his side, smiling.

G: Whenever I am sad, I would open the window and stand by it and treasure the nature. I just forget all my worries and enjoy that moment. Then, with a fresh mind, I would find a way to solve my problems… I know I cannot solve this problem but at least I will feel better.

Om looks at Gauri and then outside. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. Then, he opens his eyes and smiles at Gauri.

O(Thinking): You want a solution to your problem and I have one. (Says) Gauri, I need to give you something.

Om heads out and comes back with a cloth, hiding something. He takes Gauri hand and places the cloth in her hands. He opens the cloth, and there was a bundle.

Gauri feels the bundle…

G: Money… Omkaraji, what is this?

O: I am funding your operation. We are going to reconstruct your face and I am going to get your eyesight back.

G: Is… that possible?

O: Did you seek any medical advice before?

G: No…

O: Then, it is possible. I will help you out. I will find a good doctor and fund everything for you.

G: Fund… No, you are my friend. I cannot take advantage of you like that. I am not your friend because of your money but because of your character. I cannot ruin this relationship.

O(Thinking): Gauri, why are you so nice? All the people I have met have always ran after money… but you… you are the first person that I met who value relationships more than money. You… are… just like me. Is this why I am always happy whenever you are with me???

Male Saathiya plays.

O(Says): Who said that I am going to give you the money? As my inspiration, this is your share of information.

G: But, you were planning to donate this money to a good cause.

O: Yes, I am going. I am starting a foundation to aid acid victims and you are the first one who I am going to help.


G: Omkaraji, I am not some charity case.

O: From now on, I will be creating art pieces that are based on our experiences. Whatever money I get, you will get 50% of the money. I am the artist and you are the… the model, but not like a provocative model if you know what I mean. You have to agree to this because this is the only way I can create good pieces.

G: Omkaraji…

Om places his hands on her shoulder.

O: I know you are scared but you have me by your side. You never had a support system before and you fought against some many problems. But, with me, this is nothing.

G: Fine then.

Om smiles and Gauri holds on the money.

G: Omkaraji, I want you to hold onto the money.

O: But, it is for your treatment though.

G: But you are raising it for me and that is why I want you to hold onto. Money is nothing to me, while right now, trust and beliefs are the only things I have now. I trust you and I believe that you will help me.

Om with tears in his eyes, takes the money from her hands.

O(Thinking): How can that Gauri and this Gauri be the same person? Was I that stupid? She was after money and this Gauri wants to treasure relationships. But, why do I feel like she is connected to the Gauri I met in Bareilly? Was there a misunderstanding?

Time passes and a little by little, Om raises money from his art pieces. Both of them get closer as good friends.

O: Gauri, we need a photo of you for the reconstructive surgery. Do you have one? If you do not, then I can go to your home town and get it for you?

G: No, you do not need to go to Bareilly to get it. I have it here.

O: Bareilly? (He remembers Gauri.)

G(Thinking): Gauri, you are an idiot. Until I see his face, I cannot tell him the truth. What if he is that Omkara or even knows the other guy? I cannot break his heart.

G: When I was baby, my home town was Bareilly. I grew up in an orphanage in Bareilly. That is why when you said home town, Bareilly popped up.

O: Do you know anyone else name Gauri?

G: No, (Thinking) But, I know that Gauri Kumari Sharma lived there and her life got destroyed because of that village. (Says) Why do you know someone there?

O: No, the reason why I asked is because Gauri is a very common name so just of curiousity, that’s all.

Gauri goes to her suitcase and takes an envelope.

G: This is the only picture I have of myself. Please give it back to me once you have discussed with the doctor.

She goes to give the envelope to Om and takes it back immediately.

G: Omkaraji, can you do me a favour?

O: Gauri, what do you need?

G: Please, do not look at this photo. I want you to be the first person to look at me for who I actually am after the operations. You are the person who changed my life so I am requesting you to not look at the photo.

O: That is it… Wow, I thought you were going to tell me not to help you out again. I promise that I will not look at the photo.

Gauri passes the photo to Om and he takes it with him.

G(Thinking): Shankerji, you showed Omkaraji to me and I married him as my husband. But, once this operation is over, I am going to start my new life. I will never get married to him until he releases me from this marriage. What if he comes back and I am already married to someone else? But, I promise you that I will never leave this Omkaraji. Just like how he is my support now, I will be his backbone to him. I just hope he is not the same Omkaraji. Please fulfill my wish…


Om and Gauri are at the hospital.

O: Gauri, are you nervous?

G: No, I have you by my side. Why should I be nervous?

O: Not even a single bit?? I mean, you are going to go through two surgeries and you are not scared.

G: Well, I am actually excited (Smiling)

O: Excited??

G: Yes, I am going to see my guardian angel for the first time.

O: Wait, what??

G: I am going to see you for the first time so obviously I will be ecstatic.

O: You are so crazy, Gauri… You always say the most random things at the wrong times.

G: I know that already. You do not need to tell me. But, on a serious note, if something happens to me, I want you…

O: Gauri, nothing is going to happen to you. These doctors are experts in their field.

G: Even experts make mistakes. So please listen to me. I want you to open this envelope and read the note. Then, you need to do as it requests. Will you make that promise for me?

O: Nothing is going to happen to you so I will make this useless promise. After all, you did say that you will be fine if I am by your side so I am going to stay at the hospital the entire time. That way, I will be the first person who sees your face too.

G: Do not be so dumb. You need to go home and rest. I will be fine here. Also, I will be unconscious for the entire time so I will not even notice a thing.

O: You know how stubborn I am, do not even try.

G: Do whatever you want. But, I know that you automatically go back home.

The nurse comes.

N: The operation theatre is ready. Gauri madam, can you please come inside?

The nurse takes Gauri to the room. Gauri turns around and looks at Omkara. She then runs to Omkara and hugs him hard.

G: Omkaraji, please do not leave the hospital. I am really scared now and want you here. I was just joking before but now as each minute passes by, I am scared.

O: Gauri (Holding up her face), smile. Smile for me.

Gauri wipes her tears and smiles.

O: Listen up, nothing is going to happen and when I see you, even though you will look different, to me, you will still be the same person. Also, I have a really good surprise for you so I hope that will make you feel better.

Gauri breaks free from the hugs, smiles at him and heads inside the room.


It is 11:00 at night and Omkara is sitting on the chair. Asleep, his head, unconsciously, moves to the left, and then he quickly snaps out of it.

S: You really need to go home now.

O: Shivaye, what are you doing here?

S: Really? You are the one that called me and I cannot believe you forgot.

O: Oh yes… did you bring it?

S: Yes. Just like you asked.

He passes a canvass to Om.

S: Now, can you please go home and take rest? I can stay here for a few hours and give you constant updates.

O: I can’t, Shivaye. I promised her that I will stay by her side. I would actually stay in her room but the doctor did not let me.

S: Can I ask you something? I know that you are tired but I need to ask you this question.

O: Tell me what you want to know,

S: Do you love her, Omkara?

O: What? What did you ask me?

S: Do you love her? The way you look like her, it is like how I look at Annika. You want to protect her, be by her side, share her happiness, wipe her tears. You guys may say that you are friends but both of you act like husband and wife as if you are already married.

O: Shivaye, we are just…JUST friends. There is nothing between us, so please do not embarass our friendship.

S: Fine, but think about it. Because, based on my experience, you should never hide your love.

O: Please…

S: Fine, I will stop.

O: Also, one more thing, do not bring this up to Gauri. She will leave in a heartbeat if she heard what she said.

S: Fine, but just remember what I said. Please take it into consideration.

O(Thinking): How can Shivaye think that I love someone after all the things I have gone through? I do not love this Gauri or that Gauri. This Gauri is just a friend and I just married Gauri Kumari Sharma to save her life and give her a fresh start. She has probably moved on but I will still be the same Omkara. Nothing will change my heart.

A week later, morning

Gauri’s entire face was covered in bandages.

G: Omkaraji, tomorrow, they are going to remove my bandages and I am finally going to see you. I am so happy.

O: Gauri, calm down and take rest. If you continue to be restless like this, then it might cause further complications and then they will not take off their bandages.

Gauri freezes.

G: Really? OMG, then I will be very still and not even move.

O: You are so silly, Gauri. Just be careful.

G: Sure, Omkaraji. (Thinking) Tomorrow, I should tell him everything about my life, even my past marriage. I cannot hide that away from him. He is my true friend and there should never be secrets between friends. It is better tha I tell him than him finding out by someone else.


It is 10 in the morning. Shivika, Rudra and Omkara are in the room with t
Gauri on the bed with the doctor by her side.

D: So, Gauri, are you ready? We are going to take off your bandages today. We will first start off with your face and then finally your eyes.

G: Omkaraji

She taps on the bed.

G: Can you sit here?

Om sits down on the bed by her side.

O:Gauri, are you scared? The surgery is done Gauri so do not worry.

G: You remember the promise right?

Om nods.

R: What promise?

O: She wants to see him first.

A: Gauri, what about us? Are we not that important?

G: No, Annika. You all do but the truth is that I met all of you through Om so even though you are all important, Omkaraji has a special place in my heart.

Shivaye looks at Om.

S(thinking): I hope you understand what I mean.

G: I respect him as a friend.

O(thinking): See Shivaye. We are just friends. Friends.

The doctor first start unwinding the first set of bandages.

Gauri nervously holds Om’s hands.

Then, he starts from bottom up. As he opens the cheek, you can see Gauri’s white cream like skin. And, then her pink lips are revealed. He instantly gets flashbacks of Gauri, the time when she prayed at the Dargah for his life. The instant he opened his eyes, he sees her praying for her. And then, her nose.

O(Thinking): No, it cannot be her.

G: Omkaraji…

Om remembers the time Gauri screamed OMKARA!!

He lets go of her hand and off the bed. He steps back to the wall and watches.

O(Thinking): It… is her… It is Gauri Kumari Sharma. But, she never told me that. She never told me about Kali. That mean she faced all these problems because of me… She suffered because of me… She cried because of me… She lost her freedom, her individuality because of me…

Om runs out of the room and they all look at him.

G: Where is Omkaraji going? Why is he acting so weird?

D: We need to continue with this as we need to see if she got her sight back.

G: No, not without Omkaraji. I will wait until he comes.

Shivaye and Rudra steps out of the room to look for Om. They sees him sitting on the bench, his hands on his face, crying. They place their hands on Om’s head and Om looks up with his red eyes.

S: Omkara, she is waiting for you. Come inside.

O: She cannot see me. Please try to understand.

S: Omkara, what do you mean? She wants to see you first. How can you go against her wishes?

O: You are worried about not fulfilling her wishes. But, I have already destroyed her life and dreams. When you bring her home, let me know before. Please Shivaye, Gauri should not see me no matter what the situation is.

S: Fine.

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