Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 24-28


Tej comes out of the kitchen and heads to the living room. All of sudden, he collapses on the floor and starts to have a spasm. White foam coming out of his mouth.


Jhanvi comes running down the stairs and and takes Tej’s head on her lap.

j: Tej! What happened to you? Did she do this to you?

Svetlana comes down the stairs slowly and watches Tej and Jhanvi.

S: Tej? Are you okay? Did someone poison you?

J: Omkara! Rudra! Shivaye!!

The three brothers come running and see Tej on the floor.

J: Please call the doctor!

Shivaye takes the phone out and calls the doctor. Svetlana just stands there watching the entire family hovering over Tej. She then goes to the sofa, crosses her legs and watches the entire family.

J: Svetlana! It was you that did this right??

Sv: Me, Why would I do this? We are going to get married soon. (Thinking) I just want his money. After a while, I will just leave him and get 50% of his property.

The scene shifts to Tej on the bed with the doctor checking him.

Doctor (D): I am sorry to say this madam, but… Tej sir… he has lost his ability to move his legs and arms. He is completely disabled and will not be able to do anything without any assistance. I would recommend if the family from now on, one of three sons take over his part of the business as well.

Sv: What? That is not possible. I will never let that happen.

M: Why? They are the rightful heirs of the property so why do you care?

Sv: Again, do not interfere…

M: Sultana, Omkaraji and this family gave me permission to interfere.

Sv: You little prick… Do you think a blind person like you can take on me?

M: Ek… (Raising her hand and then puts her hand)

Om instantly looks at her and remembers the time when Gauri raised her hands and said her catch phrase.

O(Thinking): The same things as her… Is that what she was about to say?

Jhanvi starts to cry and Om goes close to her.

G: I will and there is nothing you can do about it? Tej uncle, now needs complete rest and now the Obros (Smiling) will take over the business. Svetlana, your game is over. You can stay here as a caring girlfriend if you want and take care of Tej uncle.

Sv: Me… a caring girlfriend… Are you guys trying to save some money so I can take care of him as a nurse? I am Svetlana… if Tej cannot live with me, then I have Omkara. He will be my new boyfriend and we will get married. In the end, I… win…!

Om looks at her.

O: Do you even think I will marry you? I am already…

G: That is not possible. He is already engaged to me.

Gauri lifts her hand and shows everyone a diamond ring. Everyone, including Om, looks at her in shock. Then, Om smiling, goes by her side and sidehugs her.

O: Yes, we are engaged and in a month, we will be getting married soon.

Gauri looks at her and then Female Saathiya plays.

G(Thinking): Gauri… what are you doing? You are already married.


Gauri slowly steps out and continues to talk.

G: So now what are you going to do? Tej uncle is disabled, Om is engaged, bade bhaiyya is married and Rudy bhaiyya is too young for you.

O: She has no choice: Get the hell out of my house!

Svetlana looks at her and leaves the room. Om follows her and she heads to her room. Svetlana takes her luggage and heads down the stairs.

Sv(Thinking): I cannot believe I lost so badly. So what if I cannot get Tej’s property, I will just find another Tej.

Svetlana leaves and Om stands there with a confident smile on her face.

O(Thinking): Why did Gauri lie? We are not engaged so why did she say that?

Om runs to the room and sees his entire family there. He looks at Gaurj and sees her smiling.

O(thinking): Why is she smiling? Is she trying to cheat me like everyone? NO! She will never do that… But that is what I thought with everyone else and look where it ended up.

The doctor walks out and Gauri follows him. Om follows them outside and sees them entering into another room. He peeks in and starts listening to their conversation.

G: Thank you doctor so much for following the plan. It worked so perfectly.

D: Yes, but he had to go through all that pain for this plan to work.

O: So, it was Gauri who gave that medicine to Tej.

G: I was the one that mixed the medicine into the drink. He needs to realize what he did. He played with so many people’s lives.

D: So, I think it is time to come clean. Let’s end the game now, Gauri.



Om enters and sees Dadi and Jhanvi talking to Gauri.

J: Om, why did you not tell us about your engagement? Why did you guys do it secretly?

S: It is not like we will disapprove. Om, we respect your wishes and Gauri, I never expected this from you.

O(thinking): Even I do not know what she is talking about. And I am scolded by Shivaye for something that this home wrecker did… Home wrecker…

Om gets flashbacks of Gauri dancing at Kali’s house.

G: Sorry for everything but we are not engaged…

Om snaps out of it and looks at Gauri.

J:But then why did you lie?

G: I am also the reason why uncle is in this position.

J: What? Gauri… What do you mean? How can you do this to my husband?

O: It was my mistake. I should not have brought her here.

Gauri smiles at him sadly and looks at the doctor. The doctor goes up and gives Tej a needle.

D: This is a temporary seizure. The medicing that he ingested just shows the symptoms. Now that I have given him this medication he will start to act normal.

Tej slowly starts to move his legs and arms and then he gets up. Everyone looks at Tej but Om looks at Gauri who was looking down the entire time

O(thinking): If she was working with the Doctor, why would he give that medicine in the first place? Why did Gauri play this game?

T: Jhanvi… Jhanvi…

He puts his hands together.

T: Please forgive me. I was being so stupid that I did not see your love. Now I only want you and (Looking at Om) my son.

Om looks at him in surprise but he does not move.

Tej looks at Gauri.

T: I do not if I deserve your forgiveness but there’s someone here who you should all forgive. She may have lied to you all but I understand why she did this.


T: Gauri, I know the true reason why you gave this needle and lied to everyone that you were engaged to Omkara.

O(thinking): What is happening here? Is she working with Tej?

T: I know Om you are confused but you need to know the truth.

G(Looking down): I think it is better you guys discuss this together… (Looking at Om with tears in her eyes) as a family…

Gauri walks out and Om looks at her.

T: As soon as I collapsed the only person who ran to me and supported me was Jhanvi.

J: Tej…

T: Svetlana did not even care about me. She just stood there thinking what to do to get my money and Gauri’s trick made me realize that I was going the wrong way to get true love.

J: But, why did Gauri say that she was engaged to Om?

O: I have made a big mistake.

Om runs out of the room and the entire family looks at him in surprise. As Om enters the room, he can see Gauri packing her clothes in her bag.

O: Where are you going?

G: Somewhere

O: But where?

G: Why do you care where this home wrecker goes?

O: Gauri, I misunderstood you. I should not have said what I said

G: Om, I trusted you as my friend. You were the closest relationship I ever had after my brother but you just destroyed it in a second. I wanted to protect you from…

O: Svetlana. After she realized that my father is useless, she wanted to go after me… marry me for the money. You had to lie about the engagement just so she can leave the entire family.

G: Marry you…. Well, you only know half the story. That chandelier… do you think such things just accidentally fall for no reason. Svetlana tried to kill you and that is when I decided that I should protect you.

O: I… never knew that. Why did not tell me this before?

G: It is because of your anger and your emotions. You do not understand how to control it. You just see what is in front of you, make ridiculous assumptions and hurt everyone around you. I am leaving, Omkaraji. Please let me go.

Gauri walks away with her bag.

O(Thinking): Omkaraji… Gauri…. I made a mistake of leaving that Gauri in Bareilly and now I cannot make the same mistake with this Gauri.

Om walks up to Gauri and grabs the bag.

G: Give me the bag, Om.

O: No, come with me.

G: No, I will not.

O: Fine then… you will not listen right?

Om lifts up Gauri in bridal style. Gauri looks at Om and Om looking straight with confidence. She remembers her marriage with Omkara and all her pheres.

G (With anger): Omkara! Let me down now!

O: Gauri?

G: I said let me down now!


G: Omkaraji, stay within your limit. You cannot just lift me like this. I am a… You know what forget it…

O: Gauri, tell me…

G: I said forget it… (Thinking) I need to change the topic now. What do you want to show me?

O: Something that you always wanted to see…

G: Are you trying to rub salt in the wound?

O: Well, more like experience. Come with me.

Gauri follows Om.

O: Gauri, just stay outside for a second. I need to set it up and then I will call you.

Om closes the door and Gauri waits outside.

G(Thinking): It is really hard to understand him. One time, he asks me to leave, another time he asks to not to leave and now stay in one place. God, why can’t his demands be consistent?

Om opens the door.

O: Come inside.

Gauri steps inside.

All of sudden, she gets hit by the smell of flowers. Lilies to be more exact. The sound of birds chirping, kids running. And then, a girl laughing. Laughing her heart around. Gauri instantly turns to the source of the sound.

G(Thinking): That laughter… I have heard it before.

And, then all of sudden, she hears the sound of water and she gets sprinkled by water. She just stands there memorized and then starts to twirl. Gauri starts to laugh and then instantly stops.

O: Gauri, my art just used to be on a canvass but I wanted to fulfill your wish and create this piece so it becomes an experience. An art experience. I recreated the time I met you the first time. I can still remember every single moment.

G: But, why?

O: Because, you wanted to see my art and I knew that was not possible. You told me that art can be treasured by visualizing it in your imagination and that is what I did here for you. In a way… you were my inspiration. Thank you, Gauri.

Gauri looks at Om in shock.

G: Inspiration…

Om falls on his knees and holds his hands.

O: And, Gauri, I am so sorry. I am such a bad friend and I let my insecurities take over my common sense. Please forgive me… Please give me another chance.

Gauri slowly gets on her knees.

G: Om, I will not forgive you because in friendship, there should never be forgiveness. Just promise me that you will learn from this mistake.

O: Gauri, I promise.

G: Also, please give your dad another chance.

O: I cannot, Gauri. He hurt my mother and me a lot so how can I forgive a man like him?

G: But, he has reformed now and wants another chance. I gave you another chance, so why can’t you do the same?

O: Gauri…

G: Om, I understand but please try.

Gauri walks away, leaving Om in the room.

Om runs to Gauri.

O: I will try but it will take some time.

G: Fine, as long you try, I am happy.

O: But, there is one condition.

G: Condition? Now what Om?

O: I am introducing this piece and the party is happening at the mansion. It is more like a fundraiser. I am planning to donate all that money for a good cause. I want you to be there when I introduce it.

G: Me… but why? There will be so much people there.

O: I do not care but you have to be there.

G: Fine, but I will wear my niqab.

O: Why? Why are you scared of these strangers? Let them say whatever they want.

G: If you want me to come, then you have to let me wear it.

O: Fine… do whatever you want. I have asked the designer to get you a dress as well.

Om walks away.

G(Thinking): Shankerji, please help me and make sure nothing bad happens at this party.

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