Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 20-23

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Om goes to open the door and it was Shivika, Rudra and Dadi. They all enter inside and sit by Myrah.

R: So how do you like it here?

M: It is a big house so it is going to take some time to get used to.

A: Just remember that we are here for you. Whatever you need just call one of us and we will be here the next minute. I do not care what time of the day it is even if it is 4:00 at night.

M: Thank you.

S: And also, take these meds. This will help you with the illusions.

M: I do not get something. Why are you helping me? We just met a day ago and within this time, you have not only found me another place to stay but also given me a family that cares about me.

S: Myrah, I think you have just answered your own question.

M: What do you mean?

S: Family… the moment we met you there was an instant connection. Om does not connect with a lot of people but he not only talked with you but also shared your problems. I cannot let you stranded like this.

M(thinking): They treat me like their own and here I am, hiding secrets from them.

M(says): I need to tell you guys something. About my past… In order to help me with my illusions you need to help me. (Thinking) But I cannot tell them everything. Just what happened to me and how this attack happened. I will not tell them about my marriage or they will waste time looking for him and I do not want to be a burden for them or him.

O: If you do not want to tell us because you feel uncomfortable, you do not need to.

M: No, I have to.

Myrah touches her face.

M: The reason why… my face is like this is because of a man. He wanted to marry me but he did not want to treat me as his wife… He wanted me as his concubine.

S: What??

M: I just could not do that so at the mandap, I stabbed him and ran away from him.

Om suddenly remembers Gauri running towards him on the train and the goons chasing her.

M: I… ran to the train station but by then Ka…he caught me and to destroy my life… he…. he…

O: STOP IT! You do not need to go through it again.

M: No, Omkaraji, I need to tell you this. I need to tell someone my feelings and you guys are the only ones who I can share with.


M: He poured acid on me… I struggled… I cried… I screamed in pain but no one came to help me out. And, then Dandi Bhaiyya came and took me to the hospital. I was unconscious and as soon as I became conscious, I saw my entire life turn upside down. People started looking at me with sympathy and I did not like. From that moment, I decided to wear a niqab to cover my face.

A: Wait, so you are not a Muslim…

M: No, I do not practice Islam. (She opens her suitcase and takes out a photo.) I believe in my Shankerji.

R: That is why you went to the pooja room and lighted the diya.

Myrah nods.

O: So, Myrah is not your actual name? We have been calling you Myrah all this time.

M: Yes, Omkaraji… My name is Gauri.

Om steps back in shock.

O: Gauri…

Om remembers his marriage with Gauri and how he left her at the temple.

O(Thinking): Is this Myrah… I mean Gauri… the same Gauri that I met in Bareilly? She kept on saying his name was Ka.. does she mean Kali?

O(Says): Myrah… sorry Gauri… what is your full name?

G(Thinking): I cannot tell him that my name is Gauri Kumari Sharma, because he will definitely find some background information on me and find out that I am married. (Says) Just Gauri, Omkaraji.

Om looks down and steps out of the room.

G: Where is Om going?

S: I do not know. So from now on, we will call you Gauri. Gauri, do not worry, your bade bhaiyya will help you out. I understand how much pain you went through from sharing but I promise you that this family will bring you back to normal.

They all head out.

Om was walking back and forth in his room.

O(Thinking): After I left Gauri these, what happened to her? I should not have left her there. I was being so stupid. I not only angered Kali but also left her in the same city he is in. I need to find out what happened to her.

Om calls a private investigator and asks him to find details about Gauri Kumari Sharma. The private investigator calls back again in a few hours.

PI: Hello sir. The girl you wanted information about…

O: Her name is Gauri Kumari Sarma… sorry Sharma… where is she now? Is she okay?

PI: Based on my research, she is currently in this same city. She got married to a guy who left her. And she later moved to the city to find a job and move on with her life.

O: Do you know if she is currently safe?

PI: I am not sure of that, but she boarded a train and based on the train ticket, she did reach this city.

Om hangs up.

O: So she is safe. That means this Gauri is not Gauri Kumari Sharma. Thank god, she is fine but I need to know where she is. I need to find her.

Gauri sees Om tensed and walks in.

G: Omkaraji?? Why are you tensed? I am sorry for hiding all this from you.

O: Myrah… Sorry Gauri. This is going to take some time. I have a question. Why did you not tell me this early?

G: Because, I felt that I did not want to place this burden on you. You did a lot for me and this is something that I felt that I should only carry.


O: Then, why did you share with us?

G: Omkaraji, to tell you the truth, I wanted to first share it with you. My heart kept on telling me to tell you the truth and that I should not hide anything from me.

Om looks up and female Saathiya plays.

G: But, as soon as, bade bhaiyya mentioned the word family, I just instantly melted. As you know, I never had a family and told them everything. Why do you look so worried though?

O: It is because…

G: It is fine if you do not want to tell me.

O(Thinking): I cannot tell her about Gauri. What would she even think about me? I do not know what I was thinking when I left her like that. What should I tell her?

(Says) I was just worried about my mother. I want her to leave him but she will not leave him. He wants to give her a divorce so she should just leave him. But, instead, she constantly says that she is in love with him but if he does not love her, then what is the point of this relationship.

G: You do not understand it Om. Love is something that you can never forget. No matter what problems a couple together, if their love is true, then they will be united. The moment you find out that your partner is in danger, your heart will jump to throat to find out if they are okay. Ma understands that Sultana is after his money and wants him to realize that.

G(Thinking): I do not love Omkara, so maybe that is why we got separated the second we got married.

O(Thinking): What does she mean, if love is true, the couple will be together no matter what happens? Why was I worried about Gauri? I was panicking and is that love… or just care?

G(Says): Do not worry Omkaraji… For every problem, there is a solution.

Gauri gets up and walks away.

G(Thinking): Omkaraji, love will always win and even though his dad hates, I will make sure that he understand Ma’s true love.


A person was waiting in the balcony with a knife in their hand.

Girl: I will kill him. One by one, each brother will disappear and I will take over the Oberoi property.

It was Svetlana tying a piece of rope to the wall.

Sv: I have just disconnected the chandelier. When Om comes there, I will let go of this and he will die.

Om, with his earphones in his ears, comes downstairs with a paintbrush in his hand. He takes the newspaper from the table and looks at it.

Gauri comes out of the kitchen and hears something. More like glass hitting one another. She instantly stops and looks around.

G(Thinking): My heart is telling me that something bad is going to happen. This sound is coming from the living room, I need to see what that sound is.

Gauri walks to the living room. She can smell the paint and hear the papers ruffling.

G(Thinking): Omkaraji is probably painting again. If only I can see what it is, but unfortunately I cannot.

She hears it again but louder. Glass hitting each other and it was coming from above.

G: Omkaraji!

But, no response…

G(Thinking): I can sense that he is still there but why did he not say anything.


Omkara takes off his earphones and turns around. He remembers the time when Gauri called her his name in the jungle.


Om sees Gauri running towards him and pushes him out of the way. The chandelier falls on the ground and Om falls on the floor, hitting his head. Everyone runs outside and sees Om on the floor, clutching his head.

Sv: Shit, this stupid girl ruined everything.

Svetlana runs away from the place.

They all run to him…

R: Om, how did it fall? Are you okay?

Om (Still clutching his head): Gauri… Gauri…

He slowly gets up and looks around. Gauri was lying on the floor, holding onto her hand. He slowly walks up to her and sits beside her. Everyone sees Gauri in pain and helps Gauri up.

O: Gauri, how did you know that the chandelier was going to fall?

G: I heard the noise of glass pieces hitting each other and knew it was from the living room.

O: But, how did you know it was me?

G: You smelled like paint, and I knew it was you. I am not a stranger and can easily identify you, Omkaraji.

Female Saathiya plays.

G: I am fine, you guys, do not worry about me. Omkaraji, please get it checked. I know that you hurt your head and you do not want it to be serious.

Gauri sits on the sofa and Om sits with her.

O: Gauri, thank you so much. I would have died if it was not for you.

G: Omkaraji, don’t say thank you. It was my responsibility.

O: Responsibility?

G: yes, responsibility as a friend to keep you safe.

Om smiles and leaves.

G(thinking): So the person that tried to kill Om is a girl. I heard bells like on a dress after the chandelier hit the ground. The entire family was here and I did not hear it again. So it had to be her… Sultana. I need to do something to save Omkaraji from her.

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