Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 19

YI, it is a little inappropriate.

O: Madam??

G: Why are you calling me that? I already told you that I forgave you.

O: Are you okay, madam? You asked me to go the office.

Gauri snaps out of it and she sees the driver

G (Thinking): God, I cannot believe Om is messing with my imagination.

Where ever Gauri went, all she saw was Om. Om as a beggar, as a police man, as her manager. The best one was at the airport where he was dressed up as a girl. He wore a blue dress with high heels and his fluffy hair really suited the look.

Gauri gets into the private jet and goes to her room.

G: Not again!!

She saw Om lying down on her bed.

G: Yes, I want to have s*x with you but I cannot believe my imagination is playing all these games with me. I see you everywhere and the best part was as a girl. At first, I though you were transgender but still even if you were, I will steal you away because you were that hot.

Om just looked at her.

G: I know this is my imagination because you would have talked to me by now. Om, why did you do this to me?

Gauri goes to the bathroom to wash her face and then she feels a tight grip on her wrist.

O: Would Om do this?

Gauri was extremely confused.

O: Gauri, it is actually me.

G: God, I hate my imagination.

Then Om pushes her against to her wall, put his arms on his hips and kissed her.

O: What he do this?

G: OM!! (She hugs him hard.)

O: This is the best s*x confession a husband can hear from his wife.

He puts her hands on her waist, lifts her up and they consummate their marriage.


Gauri decided to come earlier from work just to spend more time with Om.

G: Om, I am home early. Can we go out for dinner? It has been a long time since we have gone out.

O: Sure, I call you back later.

Gauri was extremely excited.

G: Where should I make a reservation? I want everything to be perfect as it is our first date after marriage.

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