Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 18

M: He poured acid on me… I struggled… I cried… I screamed in pain but no one came to help me out. And, then Dandi Bhaiyya came and took me to the hospital. I was unconscious and as soon as I became conscious, I saw my entire life turn upside down. People started looking at me with sympathy and I did not like. From that moment, I decided to wear a niqab to cover my face.

A: Wait, so you are not a Muslim…

M: No, I do not practice Islam. (She opens her suitcase and takes out a photo.) I believe in my Shankerji.

R: That is why you went to the pooja room and lighted the diya.

Myrah nods.

O: So, Myrah is not your actual name? We have been calling you Myrah all this time.

M: Yes, Omkaraji… My name is Gauri.

Om steps back in shock.

O: Gauri…

Om remembers his marriage with Gauri and how he left her at the temple.

O(Thinking): Is this Myrah… I mean Gauri… the same Gauri that I met in Bareilly? She kept on saying his name was Ka.. does she mean Kali?

O(Says): Myrah… sorry Gauri… what is your full name?

G(Thinking): I cannot tell him that my name is Gauri Kumari Sharma, because he will definitely find some background information on me and find out that I am married. (Says) Just Gauri, Omkaraji.

Om looks down and steps out of the room.

G: Where is Om going?

S: I do not know. So from now on, we will call you Gauri. Gauri, do not worry, your bade bhaiyya will help you out. I understand how much pain you went through from sharing but I promise you that this family will bring you back to normal.

They all head out.

Om was walking back and forth in his room.

O(Thinking): After I left Gauri these, what happened to her? I should not have left her there. I was being so stupid. I not only angered Kali but also left her in the same city he is in. I need to find out what happened to her.

Om calls a private investigator and asks him to find details about Gauri Kumari Sharma. The private investigator calls back again in a few hours.

PI: Hello sir. The girl you wanted information about…

O: Her name is Gauri Kumari Sarma… sorry Sharma… where is she now? Is she okay?

PI: Based on my research, she is currently in this same city. She got married to a guy who left her. And she later moved to the city to find a job and move on with her life.

O: Do you know if she is currently safe?

PI: I am not sure of that, but she boarded a train and based on the train ticket, she did reach this city.

Om hangs up.

O: So she is safe. That means this Gauri is not Gauri Kumari Sharma. Thank god, she is fine but I need to know where she is. I need to find her.

Gauri sees Om tensed and walks in.

G: Omkaraji?? Why are you tensed? I am sorry for hiding all this from you.

O: Myrah… Sorry Gauri. This is going to take some time. I have a question. Why did you not tell me this early?

G: Because, I felt that I did not want to place this burden on you. You did a lot for me and this is something that I felt that I should only carry.

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