Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 16

O: Dadi, I think the guest room would be a good place.

D: Yes, we can arrange that. I will ask one of the workers to set the rooms downstairs.

O: I am not referring to the one downstairs. We should set up the room upstairs that way we can all keep an eye on her. At all costs, she should never be alone. The room downstairs is in an isolated place.

D: That is a good idea. Myrah, Om will take you around. Just please be careful.

Om takes his hand out.

O: My lady…

Myrah giggles and places her hand in his.

M: Om, you are a true gentleman.

R: He is only a gentleman with you. You will find out his true character in a few days, trust me.

O: Rudy…

Om chases Rudy around the entire house and Myrah starts to laugh. She holds her stomach, sits on the sofa and continue to laugh. Her laughter echoing throughout the entire house. Om and Rudy stop and everyone look at her laughing.

O(Thinking): The sound of her laughter… It sounds so nice… I am glad that I am the reason why she is laughing like this.

Myrah instantly stops laughing and notices the silence.

M: Why is so quiet now? Om, I can sense that you are here but why did you stop?

A: It was nice to hear you laugh.

M: What do you mean?

O: I have never heard a person laugh so freely in my life. It is truely an amazing feeling… just to laugh.

M: What do you mean, Om?

O: Never mind… let’s go. I will take you around.

Om takes Gauri around and first takes her to the kitchen.

O: This is where most of the Obros moment happen.

G: You mean, all the singing, dancing and cooking.

S: Yes, we love to cook.

M: And, I am going to gain so much weight but I do not care as I am eating what I enjoy.

Om then shows her around to each room and then finally to the pooja room.

M: Om, the diya is not lit. Can I light it please?

S: How do you know that?

M: Just a feeling. I know when something is missing for my Shankerji. Whatever happpens, I will always believe in god.

Instantly, Om looks at Myrah and instantly gets flashbacks of walking past Gauri in front of the temple. And, then her speech about beliefs after crushing his car with a bulldozer.

Shivaye gives her a match box and Myrah lights the diya and then starts to pray. Om just looks at her as Myrah continues to pray.

M(Thinking): Shankerji, I know that everything happens for a reason. There is a reason why I am here, whatever it is, please let it be for a good reason. Please do not harm this family, especially Omkaraji, as he was the one that has decided to support me. I know that he is sad and has problems with his father, and maybe that is the reason why you sent me here. I will solve all his problems for him as I know he will solve all of mine.

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