Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 15

J: Who is that, Om? Is that her,

O: Yes, Mom. This is Myrah. And, Myrah, this is my mother.

M: Namaste, aunty.

Svetlana (Sv): Looks like Om brought a girl in the house. You can actually do better you know. I mean… a blind girl.

O: Just be quiet. No one gave you the right to interfere in my family matte4s.

Tej (T): But, she has a point. You cannot bring a random girl in the house. What would society think of us?

O: Society has other pressing issues that they would not care if I bring in a girl. They will just ignore it as they understand that the son is just following their father’s footprint.


M: Om, please do not fight with him for me. I do not know who he is but you should never go against your family like this.

Myrah turns around but Om does not let go of her.

O: Myrah, I do not care what Tej says but you are my friend. He is the last person who should be advising me.

T: I am your father.

M(thinking): Father? Why is Omkaraji acting like this with his Father? I should help him.

M: Uncle…

T: You, just shut up!

D: Tej, Om. She is our guest.

Tej and Svetlana walk out and Om glares at them.

Myrah looks down at the floor.

M: This is all because of me. I should not have accepted the invitation.

Om lifts her face and makes sure she is at his eye level. He then lifts her niqab to see her face.

O: Myrah, you did not do anything wrong. He is just expressing his unrealistic intentions on us.

Myrah steps forward but then the couch hits her toe.

Om steps forward and holds onto her.

O: Thank goodness you are not bleeding. I need to buy you a new walking stick.

R: I noticed at your place that you did not use that stick. How did you get around without it.

S: You are right, Rudy. How did you do that?

M: I would know the number of steps it will take to get to that place. For example, from the front door to this sofa, it takes 15 steps.

A: Really? No way!

Annika runs to the entrance and starts counting the steps.

A: Fourteen. Fifteen. It does take 15 steps to get to this couch.

R: I can use this as my cardio and keep tracks of my steps. So you memorized all these numbers? You probably ate all of almonds as a child.

M: Almonds? No. Why Almonds?

Shivaye and Annila look at each other remembering the time they danced together drunk.

S: Apparently it is good for long term memory.

O: So it is settled. I am not going to buy you a walking stick and instead you are going to remember these numbers.

D: But wouldn’t a walking stick be easier for her?

O: It would but I do not want to make her feel disabled. She needs to stop thinking that she is disabled so first thing we need to do is get rid of this stick. When you go outside, you can use the stick but not here.

Myrah looks at him. Female Saathiya play.

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