Ishqbaaz – Rikara Who Am I? Chapter 14

Two cars arrive in front of the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaye, Rudra, Annika and Dadi come out of the first car. Om runs out of the second car and opens the back door to get Myrah’s walking stick. And then he opens the front door and Myrah wearing a niqab steps out. He passes her the walking stick.

O: Myrah, please be careful.

M: Om, I have been to new environments where I have used my walking stick to guide me. This will help me.

All of sudden, the stick breaks and Myrah falls forward but then Om places his arm around her hips and catches her. Her niqab flies off her face and Om can see her eyes closed, her lips scrunched up.

Myrah slowly opens her eyelids and finds herself in Om’s arms. Slowly, she smiles and Om helps her up.

O(Thinking): The smile as her… but how? Why do I feel like this?

G(Thinking): Why is he always here at the right time whenever I am in trouble? It is like I am forced into a situation where I have to face a problem just so he can save me.

O: Your stick broke so it looks like I am helping you out.

Om takes her hand and together they both step inside the house with everyone else behind them.

J: Who is that, Om?

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